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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / News / Court Gives Double Life and Double Death Sentences to a Rape and Murder Convict For the First Time

Court Gives Double Life and Double Death Sentences to a Rape and Murder Convict For the First Time

When the Nirbhaya rape case arrived in front of the nation, the entire country went into a sudden state of shock and anger and that’s because the crime was committed in the most heinous and gruesome way. Since, then the society has been demanding judicial institutions to reform new laws and penalties for such crimes that are against women. However, though the society isn’t satisfied by the verdict given in most such cases, judgment made by the bench of Bombay High Court has come as a breakthrough.


In what can be said as a “first of its kind decision,” the Bombay HC gave a double life sentence along with a double death sentence to a 21-year-old man who raped and murdered a mere two-year old girl who was also his niece. This judgement was made after an amendment to the section 376A of the Indian Penal Code that was made after Nirbhaya rape case took place. The pervert, Shatrughan Masram, was pronounced guilty of rape and murder the child in 2013.

Masram plead for leniency because of his young age, however, his plea was rejected by court because of the extreme brutality that was present in his act. The incident happened in Ghatanji town when the girl’s parents left her at their relative’s place. Masram took the little child to a construction site during that time and raped her because of which she died on the spot.

Hopefully, this tough stance will act as a precedent for the coming verdicts.

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