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Monday , August 2 2021
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Dancing Our Way to Fitness With Zumba

You too are a sporadic fan of workouts?  In this super-fast world not everybody can juggle through the hectic schedule and still find time to exercise. Pat on the back for those who go out of the way and take out time to jog, or run or do anything that makes them healthy. People don’t like exercise because it’s tedious and less fun. But how about dancing on the South American beats and getting fit through some fun.

Sounds fun? Well, this is what we call Zumba.

Where did Zumba come from?

There was this aerobic dancer, Beto Perez, of 90’s. One fine day he forgot to bring his music CD to the class, he took the tape he already had in his bag–a mix of traditional salsa and merengue music. He conducted the dance class using this non-traditional salsa music. This became viral in no time in the entire Colombia and then United States. Over the time this fitness dance form got publicized worldwide.

What kind of dance forms and music is involved in Zumba Fitness?

Zumba fitness classes are always taken by instructors licensed by an organization called Zumba Academy. Most of the instructors always insist that Zumba is less of a dance form and more of a Fitness exercise. The music in Zumba dance is a mixture of music in various dance styles viz. hip hop music, Axe music, Sambha, Salsa, Flamenco, Mambo, Meringue, Chachacha, Soca, Cumbia and Tango.

Most of the old ones get worried that Zumba is definitely not for them because of the vigorous moves. However, it has eight different types of levels for people from different age group. Also, the exertion levels are different for different people.  There are six levels of Zumba viz.

  1. Zumba gold
  2. Aqua Zumba
  3. Zumba toning
  4. Zumba kids
  5. Zumba step
  6. Zumba Sentao

Why everyone is crazy about Zumba fitness?

Despite the numerous claims by Zumba instructors of it not being a dance form, Zumba feels like a dance party and not like a workout. The dance, music, enthusiasm in the whole class is just so exciting and addicting. Also, the weightloss results are consistent and fast. Zumba dance comes with many benefits:

  • Promote weightloss: Zumba is a cardio workout which leads to a good amount of weightloss. Plus, it’s catchy, interesting and easy way to lose weight. Instructors say that single sessions of Zumba can burn upto 700-900 calories in one go. And this is a huge number for starters to get motivated.
  • A good breathing exercise: It includes some part of aerobics exercise, which makes Zumba a great breathing technique. It aids in deep breathing and hence in losing weight. The deep breathing also strengthens our lung muscles.
  • Total body toning: Losing weight is easy; the difficult part is maintaining it. Zumba helps you in keeping yourself fit and fine by working on every part of the body and toning it. If you will practice the dance form regularly you’ll be fit for the rest of your life.
  • Act as a great stress buster: The moment you enter the Zumba fitness room and hear the loud music, you are completely lost in it. Zumba makes you forget your every day chores for at least an hour, which is very healthy. It is a great way to keep your mind off from all the nonsense.
  • For all age groups: As already mentioned, it works well with people from all age groups viz, kids, youngsters, middle aged people and elder ones. Its six dance forms are meant for people from different age groups.
  • Makes you social: Though you don’t have a dance partner at Zumba sessions, you get to meet a lot of people every day. You dance with everybody together at Zumba sessions and meet the same people over and again.

Tips for the starters

  • Zumba classes should only be taken from a professional Zumba fitness instructor only, so always check the credentials of the trainers before enrolling in any class.
  • If you have any specific heart or health issues, consult your doctor before joining the classes.
  • You must dance for at least 45 minutes to get substantial results.


Hope this was useful enough for you if you are about to start Zumba sessions and if you’ve already tried Zumba feel free to tell us about its more health benefits.


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