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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Delhi is Planning to End the Dengue Menace Using China’s “Special” Mosquitoes

Delhi is Planning to End the Dengue Menace Using China’s “Special” Mosquitoes

The dengue epidemic has till now claimed more than 40 lives in Delhi and is in no mood to slow down. However, it looks like the Delhi government has tightened their belts to take this problem head-on. For that, the government is planning to work on a Chinese proposal where genetically modified mosquitoes are used to counter the female breeding mosquitoes that are mainly responsible for spreading dengue. These mosquitoes are made to mate with the dengue-causing female mosquitoes of the same species so as to “root out” the disease completely.
According to the Chinese, the experiment showed a 90 per cent decrease in dengue carrying mosquitoes. The Chinese scientists then sent an extremely detailed proposal of implementing the same technique in Delhi. Latest reports on this matter also suggest that a team of Delhi Dialogue Commission or DDC will head to south China’s Guangzhou province by next month so as to study the experiment and then decide the next course of action to deal with this dengue menace.

The experiment basically converts the male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes into a sterile specie and then making them mate with the female Aedes mosquitoes so that breeding can be prevented and subsequently the spread of this highly deadly disease, dengue. Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejrial has ordered the Delhi Dialogue Commission to take all kind of steps for taking dengue out from its very roots. The Delhi government has undoubtedly been taking this issue very seriously and has been talking to world’s renowned scientists about such experiments so that dengue doesn’t arrive next year

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