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Saturday , July 31 2021
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Developing Healthy Habits with Mindful Eating

There lies a monster inside us who is always hungry; either feed him or suffer the torture! Feed him with anything that is unhealthy, greasy and high on calories and he will love it but show your bend towards healthiness and he will kill you. Do you believe in the story? If no, then why not investing your time in mindful eating? The monster is in fact none other than our own impulse that is driven with the love for taste over health. Let your monster understand the immense benefits of having healthy habits in the daily routine!

[su_quote]A healthy body is said to be a perfect dwelling for a rational mind and a vibrant soul.[/su_quote] We may inherit a healthy body by birth but in order to maintain it, we need to develop certain habits. Mindful eating helps in maintaining ideal body weight. Healthy habit is not all about eating; it is also to understand the importance of exercising for overall wellbeing.


It is certain that we derive the ‘energy’ of our thoughts from the food we eat and therefore right eating leads to the origin of right thoughts. Healthy habits acts as an active boost for your confidence and self-esteem; it is all about generating the ‘feel good’ factor in your personality. We tend to develop some major and minor health complications just because we ignore a healthy diet. Heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are some disturbing concerns that are majorly caused due to poor eating habits. The food we intake has a direct relation on our sleeping behavior. Insomnia is in fact a condition where body lacks essential energy that it regains from food. Step ahead to develop some healthy habits with mindful eating– have a look at the following tips!


10 Tips for Developing Quick Healthy Habits:

  • Motivate yourself- Imagine that you are a healthy person with certain health commitments and responsibilities.
  • Work on a Plan- Prepare an exercise cum eating schedule and follow it strictly.
  • Enroll your participation in fun activities.
  • Maintain a positive frame of mind. Stay motivated and healthy.
  • Be a role model to someone- family or friends.
  • Count your calorie intake. Say no to anything overtly oily.
  • Know your food- is it edible? Ask yourself.
  • Eat fresh and stay light.
  • Choose a balanced diet.
  • Avoid watching TV while eating food.

It is said that we are a ‘reflection’ of our own habits; habits are influential enough to make and mar a person’s character, personality and behavior. This is certainly the case with eating habits also. There is not just a devil inside; we also have that angel who cares. The decision of choosing one among them is in your hands!

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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