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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Disgust and Shame: Girl Commits Suicide in Bengaluru after Being Sexually Harassed By Two Boys

Disgust and Shame: Girl Commits Suicide in Bengaluru after Being Sexually Harassed By Two Boys

She was molested, stripped, ridiculed and denied justice- it seems like India is still not a land for daughters! Leaving a heartfelt suicide note that directly accused two young boys, the 15 year-old-girl demanded justice right after her death. But now, nothing will bring her back!

The incident that took place in the northern region of Bengaluru on Monday brought the news of the unnatural demise of a young 15-year-old girl. The girl was a 10th class student, and as she was on her way to home, she was abducted by few boys who later abused and stripped her to take her nude photographs.

The suicide note written by the victim declares the names of the culprits.


According to the victim’s family, they found the girl hanging from the ceiling fan between 1.15 pm and 2.30 pm. In conversation with the Deccan Herald, the family informed that the boys were ‘notorious’ with the girl for quite a long time. In fact, the careless attitude of the police is also the prime reason that discouraged the idea of justice in the young girl. The family (including the decedent) was in utter shock after the police rejected to file a complaint against the culprits. Sunday evening was the first time when the family approached the local police station for registering a formal complaint, though the complaint was not entertained. On Monday, the same group of boys again came to humiliate the girl- this time, crossing all the limits of humanity.

For now, the police have registered the complaint and had arrested Krishnamurthy and Mohan. All said and done, the police is ‘doing their job’ now. But nobody can bring back the life of the girl- nobody can furnish the void in the family.

Where do we lack as a society… as a system? Will India continue to remain a land of ‘broken women’? Why are we taking this burden of guilt and inhumanity in our moral conscience?

When will it stop???

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