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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / A Dislike Button is on its way to Facebook

A Dislike Button is on its way to Facebook

We all have pressed Facebook’s like button uncountable times till now. Owever, there have been moments when we wished Facebook had a “dislike” button. A number of people requested Facebook to add one; however, the company had always remained a
bit sceptical over this feature. But, the social networking giant has now announced its plans of adding a “dislike” button to Facebook.

Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, held a Q+A session at the company’s headquarters where he announced that the “dislike” is on its way to Facebook and will help people to express empathy in a better way. He also added that the company will soon deploy it for user testing. However, Zuckerberg also said that he doesn’t want to see the “dislike” button as a tool of hurt where others can down vote posts of other people. He, instead wants the people to use it for sad posts where “liking” feels

Though the much controversial “dislike” button isn’t yet here, people have already started pouring their suggestions. While some believe that this new button will mostly be used to “hurt” other people and will become more of an “online bully tool”, others believe that people might not turn to each other’s posts suddenly with the launch of this button. The button’s intentional usage should be limited to posts that have negative emotions. While it’s still unclear how people will react to this new button, however, it surely will be interesting to see them getting acquainted to it.

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