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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Entertainment / Diwali!! A Day to Shine Your House

Diwali!! A Day to Shine Your House

Festival of lights, festival of worship, eating sweets, lighting house, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts is all about Diwali an upcoming festival we all are waiting for. Give pause to your busy stuff and grab fun opportunities this Diwali. Diwali is celebrated in India since many years during starting or mid days of November. It is a very famous festival commonly known to be Deepawali…means row of lights. It is a Hindu festival, which is celebrated with lot of excitement and devotion. It is the festival having importance for every age people and especially kids wait for this festival throughout the year.

Why celebrate Diwali?

Basically, this festival is celebrated to welcome Rama who came after 14 years of exile. People want to welcome him so they lighten their houses. It demonstrates the victory of good over evil and thus makes people aware to be the part of good in their lives. Other than this, “Lakshmi puja” is the important part of this day is celebrated in north India; Hindu homes worship Lakshmi- Goddess of wealth, Ganesh-remover of obstacles, so as to welcome prosperity and well-being into their lives. There is a common belief in people to open up their doors so as to Lakshmi (wealth, or money) come in.

Diwali marks end of the harvest season in India so many farmers show thankfulness to God for the production of their grains as well as pray for the same for many years to come.

So now you know the basics about this festival, here I have come up with some new and exciting options that impart more fun and satisfaction into your Diwali time.

Understand The Meaning Of Festival:

A triumph of good over devil is what this festival conveys to everyone. Do you really understand the same? Ask yourself questions that have you ever thought to eliminate that devil out of you? Might be not, as we are the part of celebration, eating, hang-outs. Who have time to think and revamp ourselves? I think no one. When festivals come they carry you a message to reflect in your life. All in all, here I would suggest you to spend at least 30 minutes over you to think and decide upon life to know whether it is going right or wrong. If there is some evil inside you then this Diwali throw it out. You will feel the real festival inside your soul.

Clean House: it’s a good time to clean your house from every hidden corner. You should also have whitewash in your house to make it more live and look clean. You can also remove unnecessary elements from your house like old furniture, old electronics and buy some new.

Burn Candles and Lights: Enlighten your house with lots of brightness so you can burn lamps (called Diyas) all around your house.  Candles are not burnt just for the purpose of decoration; in fact, they also bring peace to your soul.

Try Different Types Of Rangoli In Your House:

You can make beautiful Rangoli at your house as well as business entrance using traditional motifs of designs. You can use different flowers and colors in your Rangoli to make it more appealing to welcome the Goddess of wealth. You can also make footprints using rice floor indicating you are awaiting arrival of Goddess of wealth. You can search different designs from the internet and try them at home on this special occasion.

Exchange Some Useful Gifts: it was very old when people use to gift sweets but nowadays everybody is calorie conscious. You can give your family and friends some very useful gifts like dry fruits, biscuits, fruits etc. one another thing you can gift is statue of God. It would be a great gift forever.

Go For Shopping: You can buy new utensils, electronics, furniture and that too at discounts. It’s also good to buy gold at this day. Buy new clothes for you and your family are really good to have new-fangled excitement.

Do Not Over-Use Crackers: it’s a festival of peace and joy, you should burn crackers but only that are safe for you and your kids. You can burn them at some safe place that is far away from hospitals like an open ground. Try to buy eco-friendly crackers that cause no harm to environment.

Prepare Special Vegetarian Food: You should try to make some special food than you usually cook, keeping everyone’s taste in mind. It’s much better if you opt for vegetarian food on this day.

Take Pictures: You should take pictures of your highly decorated home and send them to family and friends. There are so many families in our country, those whose siblings are not able to part of this day, for them you can send text messages, photographs; it will give them warm feel like home. You can also send gift cards through mails and text messages.

Play Some Peaceful Music: This is a day of celebration with your family so you can play some music in house while having get together with family. Give your fullest to this day and thus get fall in happiness.

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  1. nice gur…i m waiting for diwali…will do the same

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