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Saturday , May 15 2021
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Donate Blood and Save Many Lives

Do you know after every three seconds someone needs blood transfusion? The blood donation is truly a “Gift of God” that a healthy person can give to others. The spread of deadly diseases have been reason for blood donations. You don’t need a special excuse to donate blood, in fact, you have to make your own reason to donate blood for all those whose eyes are waiting for someone to come and save their lives. Some people donate blood because they think it is a right thing to do, whereas many do because their family or friend needs it. Whatever the reason, ultimately when you donate blood, it brings change in someone else’s life. We are blessed with a power to donate blood and save many lives.


Here are situations when somebody needs you to donate blood and relieve them.

  • When women have complications of pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancies and hemorrhage before or after the birth of a child. She needs blood during various phases of treatment.
  • Children who have severe anemia due to malaria or malnutrition
  • People with severe trauma.
  • Most of the Cancer patients.
  • During various surgeries and operations


  •  Donating blood will not cost you anything. The blood you donate and loss from your body is recovered by following a healthy diet in one or two days. Actually our body has inherent capability to rebuild the blood cells that were lost during blood transfusion. We can say that it is hundred percent safe.


  • The most beautiful gift to known or unknown persons can be blood donation given to them at the time of need. It is not just a gift that the acceptor will remember for a few days; in fact you will give them a new life. Surely this feeling will turn up your head in eternal gratification. After donating blood you deserve a pat on shoulder for being a part of such a noble act.



  • You would not be surprised to know that only 60% of the people are able to donate, out of which 10 % actually donate. The donation does not mean you ask people to donate blood. It comes from your inner soul. People tend to be a part of donations like money, food, clothes and every possible thing that can help others. On the opposite facet; many cannot be the part of these kinds of charities due to poor financial situations. But the donations like blood will never alter your pocket. Everybody having good health is eligible of doing it without any concern to your wealth.


  • One should try to be the part of this noble charity. There are so many communities that organize such kind of events where donations are made. What all you have to do is filing up a registration form and afterwards having a medical checkup. The medical checkup is done to make sure that you are healthy to do the donation. Donate to save lives!!

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