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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Easy Tips to Beautify Your Nails At Home

Easy Tips to Beautify Your Nails At Home

Cleanliness and maintenance are the best ways to retain things in their natural forms; however we love to spend money on expensive beauty products and manicures when it comes to beauty of nails. Nails are the tiny but important part of our hands that gives the pulled-together appearance. Many of us have a myth to trust on what our saloons guide us. The simple and easy way is keeping your nails healthy by focusing on cleanliness. Cleanliness of nails is not only of concern in women even men have vanity, so they want to keep their nails in a right shape and appearance. One simplest way you can try at home is use olive oil, milk cream and acetone-free nail polish removers for clean and healthy nails. You can see some new and of course natural tips for achieving healthy, well groomed and elegant nails. There exists an indemnity factor that these tips are more productive than any expensive manicure in a salon.


· First of all take a bowl of olive oil and soak your nails in it. Leave them in it for 10 minutes then wipe off excess oil carefully with cotton wool.

· Then you can wash your hands, after washing hands you can apply a hand cream to prevent them from drying up. Dry nails have more chances of breaking and giving deadly look.

· If you want to avoid dryness eternally then use nail polish removers that are acetone-free. If you tend to use your normal nail paint remover, then the natural color of your nails may turn to pale yellow.

· You can gently massage your nails after applying milk cream. It will improve their blood circulation and avoid dryness.

· You can also use the finishing side of a nail buffer to help in blood circulation in the nail bed.

· Never forget to moisturize the nail bed and the cuticle. Do not cut or manipulate your cuticles otherwise it will give worse look and may leave your nails red and ragged.

· After having food do not forget to remove any clogged particle from your nails.

· It is advisable for women to apply nail colors of some good brand. Especially if you are interested in nail arts.

· Use mild moisturizers for your nails. If your nails are prone to breakage then, it could mean they need moisture.

These were some of the tricks applicable for both men and women at the comfort of their home. You need not spend money on expensive products… just give a new shape to your nails naturally. Take care of them!!

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