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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Elegant Make-up tips, just in 10 minutes

Elegant Make-up tips, just in 10 minutes

Can makeup be in ten minutes? Yes, it is very easy, and everybody can be master of doing it after reaching the last line. Make-up is all about your good looks and of course your beauty revealing skin. Women are wide awakening towards their make-up kit as they are to their fitness these days. Applying daily makeup products has become necessity, without which you feel incomplete to step out. Interestingly, good looks are so important to draw kind attention towards them.

Beautiful girls and ladies how much time you spend into applying your beauty products? Honestly saying I take 30 minutes to say yes now I m ready to leave home and go out. Whether it’s your office or college, all age women prefer elegant and sophisticated make-up and want every eye turned to them. Our daily routines are so occupied with activities that we hardly get enough time to be ready in the morning. Therefore, everybody looks for quick and effective tricks that can enhance their looks in a couple of minutes.

Get the latest and easiest tricks

The first and the most important tips are you pick those products that suit your skin. For the prettiest finish or touchup, use of the right product is really vital. Why celebrities look so stunning, is because they know the art of applying right cosmetic products at the right occasion.

Get a quick look at what all you need in your daily kit for a regular use

  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Eye liner
  • Eye Mascara
  • Eye shadow
  • Lip color or lipstick
  • Application brushes


    • Spend 1 minute in applying moisturizer over your face and neck. And always make sure it is well observed into your skin before applying foundation. Always prefer moisturizer that is mild and contain no or fewer chemicals. You can choose it according to your skin type (dry, normal, oily).



    • Spend 2 minutes in applying foundation and a little blush. Your skin tone (say color of your face) should be highly matching to your foundation otherwise mismatch can make you look worse. It should be completely absorbed into your pores and thus natural glow should come out in accepted ways.  Foundation is going to make a difference to whether you look natural or made-up. A make-up should never look made-up. You can give a little hint of blush to your cheeks. Make a smile then apply blusher on your cheeks.


    • Spend 2 minutes in applying eye liner. After all, you see this world with your beautiful eyes, so it is extremely important to make them spark. Apply smudge-free and waterproof eye liners from inner to the outer part of your eye. If you have fair skin, then dark eye liner can suit you at the most.

Apply eye liner

    • Apply eye mascara without spending more than a minute. In order to pop your eyes apply more than two layers of mascara. Finish it using eyelash brush to smoothen if any clumps stuck in eye lashes. It would also add volume to your eyelashes and makes them looking attractive.
    • Spend 3 minutes in applying eye shadow with application brush for the most sophisticated look of your eyes. You have to use 3 different eye shadows. One is a base color, accent color and highlighting color. You have to apply the highlighting color under the brows and in the corners of the eyes. Brush your base color all over the lid. You can brush your accent color in your crease and a little on the outer corner of your eyes.

Eye shadows

  • Spend one minute in applying lip gloss or lip shade of your choice. Prefer to apply shade that compliments your dress and simultaneously match your face tone. Cover your lips thoroughly and be careful your lip gloss should be long-lasting for the day.
    lip colors

Hot tip for all those sophisticated women: Never use excessive make-up products, be simple to look real.

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