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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Embracing Grace with Natrajasana- The King of Dance Yoga Pose

Embracing Grace with Natrajasana- The King of Dance Yoga Pose

Your heart feels like singing and dancing when the mind is in peace! Dancing, as a heartfelt expression, is both beautiful and divine. It is healthy and healing in its own way. Thanks to the bliss of yoga in the form of Natrajasana- the dance Yoga Pose!


Natrajasana, as a form of yoga posture, comes from two divine words- firstly ‘Nata’ which means dancer or a performer and secondly, ‘Raja’ that refers to the King. The symbolic connotation of Natrajasana is derived from the Hindu mythology where Lord Shiva (often regarded as the supreme dancer) is the originator of this form of posture. As the creator and destructor of the world, Lord Shiva performs the cosmic dance that paves the way for the origin of Natrajasana.

The 7 Step Process of Doing Natrajasana:

  1. Spread your mat, stand straight on it and relax your arms at the either sides.
  1. Focus on your breathing process and while inhaling, bend the right leg towards the back and try grabbing the right ankle with the respective hand.
  1. Try moving the right leg as upward as it is possible for you.
  1. Strike a flying posture and spread you left arm in the front. The right leg has to be lifted upward in the back and left hand in the front.
  1. Hold the posture for minimum 20 seconds and maximum 40 seconds.
  1. The breathing process has to be normal and calm. Slowly and steadily, get back to the normal posture.
  1. Now repeat the process with the left hand and leg.


The Many Benefits of Doing Natrajasana:


  • Attaining Body Balance: Natrajasana helps a person in improving the essential body balance, concentration and focus of mind.
  • Strengthens the muscular system: From leg movement to hips, ankle and chest, Natrajasana is beneficial for the entire muscular system. Natrajasana also helps the stretching of muscles from thighs, groin, and abdominal organs.
  • Maintaining Body Weight: With the help of Natrajasana, a person can reduce the unwanted weight and fats accumulated in the body.
  • Beneficial for Mental Peace: A person who practices Natrajasana always finds himself amidst the serenity of peace. Relieving all the unwanted stress and depression, Natrajasana improves the mental functioning.
  • Helpful for the Digestion: Natrajasana strengthens the core for a superior digestive system.

It is suggested that people who are suffering from complications like high blood pressure and pregnancy should not try Natrajasana. In order to attain the proper balance, professional guidance is a must for this particular asana.

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