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Saturday , July 31 2021
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Enjoy Christmas with Indian Tea

A single sip of Indian tea is sole enough to heal sickness, stress, emotional wounds and mental fatigue. Furthermore, it makes the cold weather acceptable and enjoyable too. All types of tea that we drink come from the Camellia plant, or the tea plant.  Although we come across with different flavors of tea, but the three main varieties are India tea, the China tea, and the hybrid tea.

Snow is just around to enter your door at the most celebrated day of the year that is Christmas. You might have planned for shopping, special meals, holiday-rush, decorations, parties and all. Here, I have one more thing to add into your to-do list. This season make your Christmas more interesting with a few sips of tea.




Here is a list of all tea varieties; you can pick those you want to get on your Christmas day.


  • If you need a quick Pick-Me-Up feel then drink Black Tea. The strong flavors will reinvigorate your senses and get your mind to alertness by lowering your stress. After having this, you can go for a pleasant sleep at night.


  • If you are looking for a healthy and refreshing tea, then try White Tea. It has the least amount of caffeine and contains the most amounts of antioxidants as compared to other teas.


  • If you are looking for a stress-reliever, then try Green Tea. It has a neutral, natural and grassy flavor. Moreover, it is not loaded with much of caffeine.


  • If you are looking for creative inspiration then try Indian Chai Tea. It is a multifaceted taste palette loaded with a variety of spices and nuances. Either you consume it straight or with some cream and honey.


  • If you want to feel physical fit under the weather, then try Fruit-Flavored tea. Somehow its taste is not so good but once you start taking it then in a few days it will become your habit.


  • If you want to quench your thrust, then Barley tea is the best option.


  • Herbal Tea has a blend of Tisane. Tisane is made with any part of the plant either dried or fresh flowers, roots, seeds or leaves over which boiling water is poured. This tea is very good for your health, and it is one of the best natural teas.


  • If you want relieve from cough and cold, then try Mint Tea. Natural mint is boiled in water then milk and sugar is poured to make it healthier.


  • If you want to cut down some weight, then try Lemon Tea because it will help to shed down your extra calories.


  • If you are looking for a better digestion, then try Ginger Tea. This will help to digest your food in a swift way.


  • Cardamom Tea is made with blended powder of black and green cardamom. It gives pleasant flavors and soothes the mood.

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