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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Social Media / Facebook / Facebook Clarifies, Says there is No Co-Relation between Digital India and Internet.Org Programme

Facebook Clarifies, Says there is No Co-Relation between Digital India and Internet.Org Programme

The dawn of ‘Digital India Initiative’ brought forth millions of Indians together for supporting the revolutionary cause over the social media platform Facebook. It all started when PM Modi celebrated the desire of making the remote corners of India ‘technological’ aware and prosperous. During the official dinner ceremony, PM Modi’s desire of rural development and digital dawn in India was wishful welcomed by Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook! So how the noble beginning did took the form of a controversial take? When Mark went ahead with a Profile Picture update, why did millions of Indians misunderstood his support?


The Facebook tool to create a tricolor profile picture supported the Digital India  initiative in the most direct way! While PM Modi celebrated the beginning of this campaign, millions of Indian confirmed their unanimous support by uploading the tricolor picture in their respective Facebook accounts. However, the support was short lived as it was mistaken with the much controversial programme ‘’. Facing much of the hatred and spite over the use of wrong code in the programme, Facebook has finally accepted the mistake that has created the confusion. Without a further ado, Facebook will be eliminating the wrong code from the tool. It is notable that Facebook has clearly declared that there is ‘no co-relation’ in between both the programs.

The Mess:

It all started when Mark Zuckerberg went for a Tricolor picture update to support the Digital India Initiative as suggested by PM Modi. The world applauded him for his kind and supportive gesture! But soon when some Internet activists discovered the flaw in the integral code structure (the code in the tool supported programme), the myth of kind ‘selfless’ support extended by Facebook was broken.


Off late, Facebook has accepted the flaw in the coding structure, blaming it to the engineer who has created the code. The wrong code has been eliminated and is replaced with the right set of codes. The official announcement that came through Facebook supported the righteous cause of Digital India, drawing no relation and registration with the programme.

The hatred for program:

Facebook recently rebranded the programme as ‘Free Basics’ that offers free basic internet services to customers. As far as India is concerned, about 8 lakh users have already supported the plan. However, has been widely criticized for going against the principles of net neutrality. The concern of net neutrality is to create an equal base of internet service for all the users and service providers. No priority should be given to any entity- the concept of Net Neutrality is as direct as this!


In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, emphasized on gaining clarity on the decision related to Net Neutrality. “India is a home for vast population, also of those who are ‘unconnected’. The debate of net neutrality ‘right’ is important” added Mark.

Digital India support a constructive India! As a government initiative, it calls for a revolutionary framework and making of India. We hope the world out there will understand the urge of development in India.
Right now, we aren’t talking business!

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