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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Facebook is Testing its own New Personal Assistant, ‘M’

Facebook is Testing its own New Personal Assistant, ‘M’

Although taking a peek at someone hurts the privacy of others, however, you might enter certain circumstances where taking a peel becomes of utmost importance. That’s exactly why Facebook M, a digital assistant cum artificial intelligence experiment has been revealed atop Facebook’s Messenger app. It is basically a tool which even the best of the assistants like; Siri and Cortana can’t do and that is make an appointment or buy something for a friend.

The M is currently being driven by human operators, but the company hopes to track and understand humans behaviour so that Facebook can later build an artificially intelligent system which can imitate the decisions its operators are making right now. The company only released this service’s initial version to a few hundred people in San Francisco Bay Area. As of now, little is known about the way people responded to this service. Moreover, the company hasn’t even publicly demonstrated this service.

However, a user was rectified later by a testing company and was invited to demonstrate the use of the service for various tasks. As per that company, the user’s experience was surprisingly useful yet slightly creepy. According to the unknown user, M could easily perform multi-step tasks like making reservations and to provide recommendations for a weekend getaway. However, the user did complain about the service being too slow while responding to messages and completing some tasks.

The user definitely realised the potential the M was hiding underneath but was disappointed about the time it took to complete those tasks. All in all, it looks like Facebook is taking some big strides for the future.

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