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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Fighting for Corruption, Delhi Cabinet Welcomes Jan Lokpal Bill

Fighting for Corruption, Delhi Cabinet Welcomes Jan Lokpal Bill

The much awaited Jan Lokpal Bill has finally made its way in the Delhi governance. Passing the bill in the Delhi assembly, the cabinet declared the day historic in the records of independent India.

The Delhi government has finally paved their way through the Jan Lokpal Bill, even though the bill is yet to become law! Advocating the construction of a corruption-free nation, Delhi cabinet has been waiting for the approval of Jan Lokpal Bill for quite a while now. It seems like the vision is not a far cry now!


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The Salient features of Jan Lokpal Bill:

  1. Jan Lokpal Bill covers each and everyone under the ambit of law, be it a CM or a Group 4 officer working in the public sector. During the constituency of UPA government, Congress was highly reluctant to include the PM under this clause.
  1. Jan Lokpal Bill will look for superior methods to sustain the security of whistleblowers and witnesses, providing legal protection and personal security.
  1. With the Jan Lokpal Bill, the legal system will become more time constraint and active for investigative and tail corruption cases. The fine imposed on the accused with rise by 5 times the current amount. It will go in addition to the punishment.

It is notable that the ground reality of Lokpal bill has been less than what the paperwork has to say! India is still fighting corruption, and the entire episode has just been least satisfactory. The intent and motive has been failing as the political scenario in India hasn’t been up to the mark.

Crusading the journey for ‘India Against Corruption (IAC)’, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has proudly announced the clearance of Jab Lokpal Bill. For a developing nation like India, it is very important for the country to have more such laws and reforms. Corruption has been affecting India in the worst possible manner. Let’s hope for all the goodness and success of the nation through this much-awaited law!

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