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Thursday , June 24 2021
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Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer

Everybody love to eat food however, we have to choose what is best suitable for us. Some of the diseases are curable whereas many need to be identified at the proper time and healed for that reason. Two words “Breast Cancer” may turn off your desires for life. Sorry to say, this disease is intensifying its count with every passing day.  Our everyday lifestyle and unhealthy food habits may turn into a deadly disease, so here I have come up with six eatable elements that can help you to fight against breast cancer in natural ways. These elements will decrease the risk of breast cancer and take your health towards healthier living.

How to identify symptoms of breast cancer?

Always Remember!! Symptoms of breast cancer usually start as a lump that you can feel in your breasts and then it grows into irritation. So, it is my advice to all women to examine their breasts regularly to keep a check on any unlikely lumps. Fix in your mind that a healthy lifestyle will keep cancer risks at bay!


Everybody loves to have fresh and seasonal berries.  It is a kind of fruit that looks very delicious. Who knows this fruit is not only packed with taste but also contain ellagi acid. Facts prove that ellagic acid helps in prevention of breast cancer. Other than breast cancer, barriers also help to lower down the other forms of cancer in the human body. This little fruit can be a large protective shield for your good health, so, women!! When are you going to start taking berries into the daily diet?


You all love to eat pomegranates as they are good in taste as well as having richness of iron and acts as antioxidant. Pomegranates inhibit the formation of breast cancer causing substance like bad oestrogens. You may prefer to take it in the form of juice but consuming this fruit straight away is a better choice. Many of us do not like to have grainy seeded fruits, so you can take juice as well. But it’s always better to consume fruit with its fiber too.

 Yellow Fruits and Vegetables  

Do you know adding one yellow or orange colored vegetable into your diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer in your body? Some vegetables like yellow peppers, melons, pumpkins are very good to protect against breast cancer. These all vegetables contain beta carotene, which is a strong antioxidant capable to fight with cancer formation in the human body. Apart from these, you can also consume green vegetables like cabbage and broccoli are extremely good to fight against cancer cells.


How breast cancer risks originate in women? Yes it’s when her body starts producing excess of bad oestrogens. So now it comes to how we can reduce its production. Pulses are a great source of fibers that help in removal of bad oestrogens from your body. Therefore, it’s always wise to consume pulses, rice, oats, and other grains so as to keep breast cancer miles away. And, fibers help in good digestion which improves your bowel movement.


The nutritional benefits of walnut are ever and never-ending. Recently, a study has been done for breast cancer. It has come under observation that anti-inflammatory qualities of these nuts give your body a tumour fighting potential and thus reduce the risk of breast cancer in your body. There are several ways to consume walnuts either mix them in vegetables or just have them as snacks. Even you can carry them to your office and have them at any free time.

Oily Fish

Fish is a wonderful choice for non-vegetarian people, and are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. This compound helps to boost your immune system and slow down the growth of tumours in the human body; we all know tumours are cancerous in nature. Chronic inflammation, which is a major contributing factor to breast cancer, can be controlled through oily fish. You can consume properly cooked oily fish three times a week. Salmon, trout, mackerel, etc. are all good forms of fatty fish that you must include into your diet. There are so many capsules also available in markets that you can consume.

Other than these, avoid smoking, alcohol and regular exercising, and healthy lifestyle keeps diseases away from you. Stay healthy and be happy in your life!!


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