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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Glass of green juice can begin your day better

Glass of green juice can begin your day better

Juices are an ultimate energy-booster for many. Juices have been with us for its wonderful benefits as a part of balanced diet.  Everybody wants to keep their taste buds happy while giving kick start to their day. Therefore, you can take a great initiative to your day by having a glass of green juice in the morning.  Green juice is a definite superior over other fruit juices and how it works is described below.

Basics about Green Juice

As the name specifies it contains a lot of green stuff in it. Green juices are prepared through the fresh green vegetables like Kale, spinach, swiss chard and romaine lettuce, Broccoli stems, cucumber, celery, and fenne. You can add fruits like green apples and pears are fabulous to make a perfect juice. You can also spice up your juice by adding ginger and lemon into it. You can make it more appetizing by adding seasonings and herbs into a complete juice. These juices help you in a number of ways, some of those are: reduce signs of ageing, reduce inflammation in body, regulate the bowls, balance your pH, gives your body necessary vitamins, minerals, oxygen and energy and helps to lose weight.

Green juices verses fruit juices

We all know that fruit juices are good for your digestive system because they are packed with a lot of fiber in them. However, if you eliminate fiber, all you get is the sugar syrup. This syrup is definitely going to add more kilos to your body. On the other hand, green juices are packed with essential nutrients that aid detoxification and help your body to be normal and fit. Green juices contains chlorophyll, leaves, stems, grasses and every healthy nutrient that is required to make blood in the body whereas fruit juices contain natural sugar and fructose that is acidic in nature. So, now you can decide what you want to intake? Sugar syrup or nutrient rich syrup?

Green juices health benefits

  • You might know that green vegetables are naturally blessed with ability to convert sunlight into food, that is why; it is advice for you to add more of green vegetables into your diet so that you can take energy in its purest form. You can prepare a green juice by blending different green vegetables altogether.
  • Green vegetables are also known to be effective in oxygenating and releases toxins from the body. Your body needs essential vitamins to function up to its optimum level such as vitamin A, and vitamin C. These vitamins are found in green juices that you can regularly take in a normal routine.
  • A simple glass of green juice contains good amount of calcium and vitamin D. All of you know that green vegetables contain chlorophyll, what more if you are getting stored sunshine in a glass.
  • Single glass of green juice helps to improve blood circulation in your body. It helps to clean your digestive system and lever. It would help to tone the lungs as well as preventing anemia. As a whole, it would give good boost of energy to your body. If you love to have juices then green juices are an alternative that is the best option for your body to give a kick-start in the morning.



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