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Saturday , July 31 2021
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Speak after a pause

Most of the people keep talking when they should listen to others. It has been noticed that people in talks and discussions are often not good listeners and many of them do not pay attention to what other are talking about, they keep on talking only. Some people remain stuck in what they will say next. Actual art of listening is a common problem in most of them. Whether you go to offices, shopping malls, even in your house, people lack art of good listening.




Learning the art of good listening is an essential aspect for speakers. A good listener can speak well only if he pays attention to people wisely. If you want your message to reach the ears of those you speak to then you need to know what they want to hear. Everyone has their own job to be done. You can only find out what that is by listening to what your audience is saying prior to preparing your speech.


Listening is nothing apart from giving attention to what is being said. It is a skill that can be cultivated and can be made a good habit. Further, it can be practiced into an excellent talent. Bad listeners would be happy to know that our minds have the ability to listen four times faster than a person can talk. One challenge to effective listening would be focusing our minds on hearing what is said rather than the several other things going on in our mind at any given moment. One another good way to become a good listener is spending some time in listening news and conversations.

To improve your ability, look directly at the person talking. As soon as you hear the words said, also start reading the body language. Listen for tone and intonation. With the advancement in the art, you will be able to notice even more subtle body language such as pupil movement.


Being into a good listening habit, affects your personality in a positive way. It shows you are a humble person who has developed the power to pay attention to what others are saying. If you cannot hear others then they will also not hear you. You have to develop your patience and mental level. Problems in family, married life and employee-management relationships often are due to breakdown in communication that is the result of poor listening.

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