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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / News / Google / Google’s Ambitious AMP Project Will Make Webpages Load Faster in Mobiles

Google’s Ambitious AMP Project Will Make Webpages Load Faster in Mobiles

Nowadays, a large number of people rely on smartphones and tablets to read news articles and access information. However for a lot of people, reading on mobile browsers is a slow and frustrating experience. But Google has some other plans. Their latest project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has a remedy for all such bad browsing experiences that are caused because of slow networks, especially in India.

AMP basically is Google’s open-source initiative through which publishers will be able to create optimised content for mobiles so that they can be loaded instantly almost anywhere. This project can turn out to be extremely beneficial for Indian masses that are constantly joining the mobile user bandwagon. According to Cisco’s recent study, the growth in the number of smartphone users is expected to be over 650 million in the coming four years while tablet users are expected to cross the 18 million mark by the year 2019.


According to Google, this much needed project was initiated so that webpages that are rich in content like animations, images and videos can be loaded instantaneously with smart ads that have been added by the publishers. This project will therefore help to load all types of content in a similar manner irrespective of the kind of phone or tablet that you use. Google, however, isn’t alone in this magnificent project. A little more than 30 publishers would be accompanying Google from all around the globe so as to make mobile web a better place for everyone.

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