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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Got an Upset Tummy? These Magical Leaves Might Just Help You Out

Got an Upset Tummy? These Magical Leaves Might Just Help You Out

A recent survey showed that people usually complain about digestive problems most often. That’s mainly because our diets have become much more acidic and less nutritious. Earlier, people used to consume home remedies made of natural products to get relief from indigestion and other stomach related problems. However, now they flock to medicines and syrups for the same.

However, rarely do people know that they can grow a perfect remedy for their stomach problems in their little kitchen garden. Following are two most popularly used plants whose leaves can be used to treat all sorts of digestive and stomach problems:

Mint- Mint has been regarded as one of the greatest appetizers of all times. It is chemically composed in such a way that it promotes digestion and soothes your stomach in the event of inflammation or indigestion. Mint is packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants that can beat acidity and flatulence. These chemicals activate our body’s digestive enzymes to work with all their force which eventually helps you to get rid of all sort of digestive problems. Thus, drinking a cup of this extremely beneficial mint tea will not just give you relief but will also sooth your travel related nausea and motion sickness.


Basil- Leaves of the basil plant are commonly added by the Italians in almost all their dishes. That’s because it helps to calm the stomach while you are still filling it. Apart from solving digestive problems directly, basil can also work great for levelling out blood sugar levels which indirectly helps your stomach to function in a better way. So in order to get a calm stomach, taking some dried or fresh Basil leaves with water can help immensely.
These leaves have been working as an analgesic for humans since ages. So, next time when you have an upset tummy, you know where to look at.


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