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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Gujarat & Karnataka Amongst The First States to Lift Ban from Maggi

Gujarat & Karnataka Amongst The First States to Lift Ban from Maggi

Maggi’s samples passed tests in around three laboratories that were designated by Bombay High Court. However, it looks like Karnataka and Gujarat governments just couldn’t resist the temptation of eating a hot and steamy plate of Maggi since it’s only been two days and they’ve already declared to lift the ban on Maggi.
Gujarat’s Food and Drug Control Authority (FDCA) acted swiftly after receiving the positive reports of the tests and lifted the ban from the sale of Maggi after Bombay High Court lifted its nationwide ban in August. According to HG Koshia, Gujrat’s FDCA Commissioner, FDCA lifted the ban from Maggi in Gujarat in August after the verdict of Bombay High Court passed and their decision is purely based upon court order.

However, that doesn’t mean people in these two states can go to the market right now to but their old time favourite snack. Since, Maggi still won’t be available in Gujarat’s markets since the company is forced to follow court order for getting its samples tested in three approved laboratories. Karnataka’s minister UT Khader, on the other hand, said that lack of clarity about permissible limits of MSG and lead forced the government to lift the ban from Maggi. Nestle reported that all samples of Maggi cleared their tests that were conducted in laboratories and now the company will commence Maggi’s manufacturing, however, but it will sell them only after they’ve cleared the tests in the designated laboratories.

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