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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Gujarat Police Arrests Hardik Patel on His ‘Kill Policemen’ Remark

Gujarat Police Arrests Hardik Patel on His ‘Kill Policemen’ Remark

Hardik Patel, who has spelled a lot of trouble for Gujarat government in the recent couple of months surely became the most wanted man in the state after he sparked riots in the wave of protests while demanding reservation for Patels. However, the leader of Patidar Andolan was finally arrested on Sunday before he was about to crash a Gujarat crickets party.


This has finally sent a strong message that the Gujarat government is in no mood to play along him and Hardik Patel, therefore, has been booked under the charges of sedition. The police had registered an FIR in Surat on Sunday night regarding Patel’s statement which favoured killing of police personnel. In his controversial statement while meeting his supporter who tried to commit suicide after being beaten-up by the police, Hardik Patel said “Kill policemen if it’s necessary, however, no Patel should ever commit suicide.”

Hardik, however, later suggested that his words were misinterpreted and that the tape was tampered. Police, however, confirmed that the tape was authentic and the statement’s authenticity has been verified. Apart from that, another reason for him going into custody was for showing disrespect to the national tricolour. Although he is behind bars now, the state tends to remain tense, given the amount of violence that has spread in the state while he was arrested. However, we can definitely hope to see the state coming back to its normal routine while the tension lowers in the coming weeks.

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