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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Motivation / Hands that rock The Cradle, Rule the World!

Hands that rock The Cradle, Rule the World!

Hands that rock The Cradle, Rule the World!

A toast, ladies and gentlemen to all the gorgeous women who never took their existence for granted and changed how the world works with their undying love for life. Women have been leaving their trails behind since time immemorial. From changing things at home to making world a better place, their contribution is remarkable. They are still alive in our thoughts, and will continue to rule our hearts forever.

These trailblazers need no ‘Day’ to celebrate what they did for world. For respect and love lay in hearts, not in days! In celebration of these trendsetters, we are bringing forth some of the amazing ladies who changed the world.

Mother Teresa: No one is unacquainted with the good doings of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu and how she devoted her whole life in selfless service of poor.  With all her missionaries of charity organizations she is known to serve thousands of people personally. She became a nun in a very young age and her mission was not just to leave the worldly possessions but to serve the needy. She was awarded a Nobel Prize for all the contribution she did to the world.

Margret Thatcher: Being the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margret Thatcher defined a decade with all the amazing things she did for that part of the world. She was the lady for a political world that needed an immediate change, and with her powerful instincts and knowledge she was able to do the same. She struggled to provide individuals the rights to live their lives. Her belief in individuality and free lives kept her alive in our hearts.

 Diana the princess of Wales: Diana was the wife of the British Prince Charles. The royal highness devoted herself to numerous good causes, but most prominently she dedicated herself to the elimination of AIDS and landmines. Diana was the first lady who made people believe that AIDS is not a contagious disease. She was photographed while touching a person infected with HIV virus. Thence forth people believed that AIDS is not contracted through touching.

Queen Victoria: Queen Victoria ruled the British dynasty for 64 years, which is more than any other monarch. Throughout her lifetime she was known to involve herself in different social and charitable causes. In her reign, she created the biggest Empire in the whole world. She is most remembered for her contributions in bringing education to Britain and then gradually the world.

Indira Gandhi:  This epoch-making personality not just left her marks in her own country but was known internationally for her missions and values. She was the first lady Prime Minister of India. It was under her dynamic leadership, India’s voice was heard on international platform. She balanced the country with her exceptional vision and skills. For India, Indira Gandhi is the Iron Lady who changed the definition of South Asian women on international grounds. She opposed colonialism and racialism on the ground that these created tensions and hostility.

Annie Besant: Annie Besant had number of brilliant facets to her character. She was an educationist, philanthropist, campaigner of human freedom and author of hundreds of books. Many Indians know her for all her contributions to Indian Independence struggle, but she dedicated herself of millions of other causes as well. She was a second president of the Theosophical society and was tiled as a diamond soul of the world.

Benazir Bhutto: Benazir Bhutto was the very powerful leader of Pakistan Peoples’ party formed by Mr. Bhutto in 1967. In her first attempt to remove dictatorship from Pakistan she was the first woman Prime Minister of Muslim country in 1988. She is well known to implement social reforms to the country and to help poor people and women in the country. Before her assassination in 2007, she made all her efforts to change how Pakistan works.

Oprah Winfrey: A well known figure to the world, Oprah Winfrey has provided hundreds of grants to organizations that supports women empowerment and education to the society. Her own ‘Oprah Winfrey scholars program’ provides scholarships to all the deserving candidates in United States and abroad. During her visit to Nelson Mandela in December 2000 she pledged to build a school in South Africa and she opened an educational organization under her name in South Africa.

These are the women who go beyond traditional classification of power leaders. They came, never gave up, changed the world and engraved themselves in our hearts and minds.

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