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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Hospital Staff Surprises Everyone By Doing Garba Inside the ICU Ward

Hospital Staff Surprises Everyone By Doing Garba Inside the ICU Ward

We often come across movies that are based on real life incidents; however, rarely do we get to know about a real life incident which was extracted from a movie. However, that’s exactly what happened in Sola Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad where the medical and non-medical staff of the hospital played Garba in full swing and a joyous mood inside the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The staff certainly looked extremely happy and looked like as if it was high on holiday spirits. This is something similar to what was portrayed in the iconic movie Munnabhai MBBS where a group of people dance inside the hospital to lift up the spirit of a patient.

The garba performance was done at the Sola Civil Hospital once Niitnbhai Patel, Health and Finance Minister of Gujarat left the hospital. He was present there to inaugurate a brand new kidney dialysis centre. With their dance, the young doctors surely did a great deal of good to the patients while lifting the spirit of Navratri and taking it to its zenith. Young male and female doctors and nurses along with wardboys and wardgirls danced to the tunes that are popularly played on any garba event with full enthusiasm and co-ordination just like you get to see in any Bollywood movie.

What’s more interesting is that the hospital administration was totally blind to the entire incident and they kept the situation “under control” while patients and their relatives rejoiced the performance with puzzled expressions on their face. Undoubtedly, they received the best medicine for their treatment.

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