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Monday , June 21 2021
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Hosting the Best Bridal Shower!

[su_quote]It is not the beauty in face or appearance that makes a bride ravishing! Certainly, her source of happiness lies in the fresh beginning of life. She is happy because everybody close to her is involved in the process of making her day special and memorable. Being the best friend of the bride, it becomes your responsibility to celebrate the best bridal shower for your girl. Go step by step with the preparations and make the most of it with the help of this to-do list![/su_quote]

Step 1: Where is your army?


You do have the potential of managing everything alone, but it is always better to plan a bridal shower with the help of a team. Other than you, there might be some people significant in the leading lady’s life. Bring them together, make a team and give room to new ideas. Choose the best plan with mutual consent and allocate responsibility for everyone involved.

Step 2: Would you like to involve the bride in preparations?


Involve her or not; both ways are acceptable! If she is curious about bridal shower then just ask for her involvement and if she is in love with surprises then plan it on your own. If you are planning to involve her in the bridal shower preparations, then make sure to approve the guest list from her end. The date and location for the bridal shower can be decided mutually. On the other end, if it’s a surprise bridal shower then the guest list has to be prepared with care. Keep it close to loyal and pleasant friend list, family members, sisters, and aunts.
Your leading lady has to be the center of focus! Each and every effort in the bridal shower is to make her happy and proud. After all, it is about her day, her memories and her happiness! Capture this moment so that she can cherish it throughout her life.

Step 3: How to prepare the invitation?

Invitations should be as unique as possible! Customize a remarkable invitation by knitting the magic of best words, thoughtful images, quality paper and vibrant theme.

RSVP: The invitation should clearly mention the names of people involved in preparation (i.e. the host of the party), the date of the event and most importantly, the purpose of the party. Make sure to include the name of the guest of honor in the most vibrant style. RSVP should also enlist personal credentials as in phone number, email address, and location address so that invitees miss no details.


Theme: Choose a particular theme for bridal shower party and let everybody know about the final theme. This will help guests with selecting theme based gifts.

Dress code: Whether you want a dress code or not, state this fact clear in the invitation. It is always wonderful to comfort your guests with clarity about such things.

Personalized theme

Information: You can also include a brief note for information regarding gifts and bridal registry. You might get a mixed response from guests (where some will accept it and some will not) which is absolutely fine.


Step 4- Which theme will be the best for the bridal shower?

There are different types of themes available for bridal shower.

Food based theme: This can be the most amazing theme for a foodie bride-to-be! Select a menu as per the leading lady’s taste buds and set the entire setting in accordance with this theme. Personalize some mystery containers filled with exotic chocolates and candies for the guests. With food bases theme, let food steal the show for your party.


The lingerie theme: Well this can be really interesting! You can drape the entire setting as in tables and centerpieces with a vibrant silk or chiffon cloth. Satin, as fabric, is quite appealing so you can choose to prepare ribbon bows through this.


Antique theme: This theme can be used in both decoration and dress code. You can also display the antique cum vintage collection in the form of the table centerpiece. This theme is most suited for brides who have been in love with antique collections.

The lingerie theme
Hollywood/Bollywood theme: Is your leading lady the biggest Hollywood fan? Surprise her with a Hollywood theme and create the ambiance of an award show. You can choose celebrities for dress codes, and there can also be a little price distribution ceremony.

Caribbean Theme: Caribbean inspiration is wonderful for a bride who is in love with the ocean, nature, and scuba driving.


BYOM shower: If you are not planning a bridal shower at a large level, then BYOM (bring your own meal) shower can be really interesting. A better version of this theme is called ‘recipe shower’ where members of family or friends select a particular recipe and pool resources for preparing it.


Personalized theme: It reflects your personal choice for the bridal shower! As the bride’s best friend, you are the one who knows what makes her happy. Customize these thoughts as a theme and make the bridal shower unique with the touch of personal element. It can be a theme based on pictorial memories, childhood love, fairytale romance and so on.

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