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Monday , May 10 2021
Home / Latest posts / How to Express Your Love… Without Saying a Word!

How to Express Your Love… Without Saying a Word!

Capture love

Love, as we all can feel, is an expression that goes beyond the boundaries of words and plunges deep into the ocean of affections. A gentle kiss, a warm hug, holding hands, having lunch together, sharing dark secrets, stating deepest thoughts, etc- are some of the examples of expressing love through gestures As a couple, you need to understand the importance of showing affection. Find some of the simplest ways of expressing your love through gestures!

Allow them to be lazy with things they hate doing:

lazy with things

He hates waking up early in the morning. She is clumsy with bills. So what? Be a support and initiate your participation for doing things they hate resolving.

Forgive and forget:


Nobody is perfect and it is absolutely fine to make mistakes! Bygone is bygone- what is the point stressing on it?

Make them feel special with a surprise:


Everyone loves surprises! Plan a secret date, buy them a special gift, go for a makeover that they desire to see in you and do anything that is close to their heart.

Have patience:

Have patience

Patience has the power of endurance and sometime, it is the only option left! Avoid a potential conflict with your ability to be patient. Breath deep…

Just listen…That’s it!


The world outside is busy and cruel! Sometimes, sitting back and having a conversation is more than required. Allow sharing of thoughts, sit back, relax and just listen.

Pay heed to your relationships:


Love demands undivided attention! Not every minute of your day, but every second when spent together.

Prioritize your life and keep love in priority:

Prioritize your life

The opposite of love is not hate; it is to avoid and ignore! Invest time in your relationship, remember anniversaries, and cancel the phone call that interrupts your personal time.

Respond rather than react:


Have respect for response but don’t react unnecessarily! We all make mistakes and it is not easy to avoid or ignore them. But sometimes, it is good to let it go.

Commitment vs. Ego:

Commitment vs. Ego-bubblespan

He has that habit of landing wet towels anywhere in the room. So, your ego doesn’t allow picking it up right? No caring? There is a ‘we’ and a ‘me’ in love relationships. The call for commitment stresses on ‘we’ over ‘me’.

Love is to be vulnerable:

Accept it, especially when it matters to you!

Be childlike:

Be childlike
You don’t have to baby the baby in you; just have that childlike innocence in love! Flirt anywhere or everywhere, go for public display of affection, do stupid crazy things and flaunt your love.

Take a Stand for them:

Support the argument they make, endorse their words, praise them in front of common friends and go to the extent of fighting for them

Make an Eye Contact:

Eye Contact

You really don’t have to repeat your word- if you mean it, then your eyes will confess it. Go slow, make an eye contact, smile fresh and confess your love every now and then.

Avoid conflict:

Avoid conflict

You can always prefer to stay calm and composed during a heated moment. Silence is not weak but a refined form of patience. Express your concern once the moment is gone.

Giving space:


He wants to visit a friend- be happy about it. She wants to spend her day in shopping- show interest. Respect their decision, choices, opinions and especially, the individual within them.

Care to cook what they love:


Full breakfast or a happy dinner; prepare the tasteful delight and garnish it with love.

Let them Win:


You might love sleeping in the right side of bed but sometime, allow them to enjoy it too! Let her drive the car when you are going out for a date. Laugh on a sad joke he shares with you.

Stay Connected:

We all are busy but nobody is too busy to stop breathing or too busy to text ‘I love you more’!

Accept your Mistakes:


You don’t have to wait for your partner to reach out first! Kill ego, admit your mistake and be the first one to resolve fights. Have that courage!

Let Actions Speak Louder than Words:


Blow a forehead kiss when you care, hug them tight when they need more power, allow them to fulfill an unrequited desire, help them in reminding important task and care for health.

Take care of yourself:

Take care

If life is a journey then nobody would like to spend this journey alone. You are the partner- the love of their life and they might never imagine their life without you. Respect your uniqueness as a person because this is one thing that they love the most about you.

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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  1. Love is something which changes according to the age, time and situations.Its a very strong bond and blessed are people who are always loved for who they are in-spite of knowing their flaws.It grows deeper with passage of time.

  2. Nice article. I didn’t know the real meaning of love. I read this article. This article describes the real meaning of love to make our life full of love and happiness. ..:)

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