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Thursday , June 24 2021
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Ideal breakfast options!!

Looking for taste as well as nutrition at the same time? A step ahead towards health and fitness has become one of our basic needs. We all know that breakfast is very important meal of the day. These days, we have no shortage of healthy breakfast options, till you make up your mind to follow the same. In fact, all shops are loaded with a number of food options, but you have to pick those who promise you to make your breakfast menu a lot tastier and healthier. A right choice of breakfast not only contributes in a good start of the day but also keeps concern for your taste buds. Eight hours sleep every night keep you untouched with any kind of food, so it becomes extremely important to choose a better breakfast option. The foods which serve as the best breakfast are highlighted below:

Porridge is a healthy breakfast choice as it is rich in fiber. Its most valued benefits include building block of muscles, control appetite and maintain sugar level. It is a healthy breakfast with plenty of proteins to give your body a kick start for the day.

Oatmeal is one of the favorite breakfasts among people who work in the corporate sector. Why it is being so popular is due to the richness of grains in it. This food is a blessing for all those who want to reduce in taking wheat. Its valuable benefits include cholesterol control, blood sugar level and also reduce hypertension.

Cinnamon puffins are the perfect combo of taste and nutrition. It is an ideal breakfast for those who want to intake proteins and fibers that too enriched with zinc, folate, thiamine, potassium, iron and many more essentials for your good health.

Poha is considered as good in taste, and it is a light breakfast in every Indian kitchen. Being rich in nutritional values, it is good for your eyes as well as helps to improve your digestive system. You can enjoy it with curry leaves adding turmeric powder with a hint of sugar.

Curd and fruits are for smart people who want to fill their breakfast with lots of nutrients. You can take a bowl of curd and add apples, banana or any other fruit of your choice. You can also top it with almonds or walnuts.

Egg sandwich is healthy as well as tasty. It’s very simple to cook as requires boiled egg and bread. You should prefer brown bread as it contains fewer calories. Egg would give you proteins and taste. You can also add tomato and onion into the sandwich, to make it tastier.

Fruit-milk smoothie is a great combination of milk and fruits all together under a bowl. It’s kind of improvement over your normal milk shake, where you can add a number of fruits into milk and then blend them to prepare a yummy smoothie. You can also add a spoon of honey into the smoothie to make it bit vibrant. It would be a perfect option for your breakfast.

Toast with baked beans is good for those who want to try something different than sandwiches and eggs. Therefore, you can try some baked beans with toast. This will give you enough energy to go for a complete day ahead as it is enriched with a lot of protein and carbohydrates.

Pudding has a lot of nutritional value as it is made up of broken wheat or rice, very popular in north. It contains carbohydrates and fiber. It is very easy to make in a jiffy. You can also add nuts into it, to make it perfect breakfast for the day.

Fresh fruit salad combining some apples, melons, berries, oranges, pears, bananas, and grapes or whatever your favorite fruit is a great start for your entire day. Add a little bit of lime or lemon juice to make it perfect.

Pancakes, Crepes and Waffles

Pancakes and crepes are incredibly simple and nutritious, pan fried batter, sometimes, thick, sometimes thin. The cousin of the pancake is the waffle, with a buttery batter cooked in a waffle iron—or heated from frozen in a toaster.

Parathas or Chapattis (Indian Bread )

Chapattis made from whole wheat flour are healthy, nutritious and filling. They are rich in fibre and protein, and low in fat and carbohydrates. You can make chapattis more nourishing by adding the flour of soy/ragi/oats to the whole wheat flour. Avoid using oil while making paranthas as they can be tasty even without using butter. They are light and thus help in weight maintenance. Cooked veggies are nutrition-packed and when combined with chapattis make a wholesome meal that will keep you highly energetic throughout the day.

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