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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Celebrities / In the Wake of Rising Intolerance in India, Kiran Rao wants Aamir Khan to leave the Nation

In the Wake of Rising Intolerance in India, Kiran Rao wants Aamir Khan to leave the Nation

From past few months, the communal situation in India has been more than worse! The debate over rising intolerance is brewing our conscience- it is expressing an alarming situation that has to be addressed. In the wake of such a situation, the celebrated Bollywood actor and activist, Aamir Khan is sharing his heartfelt emotions.

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Expressing his views over the debate of ‘rising intolerance’ in India, Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan on Monday said that his wife has suggested him to move out of India. Attending the event for Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award for 2015 and in conversation with Anant Goenka (the Wholetime Director & Head- New Media-The Indian Express), Aamir said that the sense of insecurity and fear pervades in the Indian society, and rather in the family.

Why wife Kiran Rao wants Aamir Khan and the Family to move out of India?

Expressing his concern over the situation Aamir said that he and his wife has spent their entire life in India but for the first time, his wife has suggested the idea to change the country. Calling the statement a ‘disastrous’ and ‘big’ one, Aamir confirmed that Kiran is rather concerned about the child. The sense of fear and insecurity in the ambiance is driving her mind. Every day when a she wakes up, she is afraid to open the newspaper. Aamir also added that it is absolutely fine if some creative people are returning their awards as it is just a way to express self. “It is very important for creative people to voice their opinion” added Aamir.

Aamir also noted the importance of the sense of security in the society. Firstly, it is through the sense of justice and secondly, through the elected representative who represent us. Sharing more about his take on the situation, Aamir urged on the importance secular (rather than communal) feelings.

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Video Courtesy: The Indian Express

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