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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / India has its first Fully Solar Powered Village- Kudos to Dharnai!

India has its first Fully Solar Powered Village- Kudos to Dharnai!

Electricity has almost influenced the major part of our life, influencing both our dependency and addiction. Now just like we need food and air to breathe, we need electricity to survive our daily chores. But limitation has its own tale!

The tale of transformation that has affected Dharnai in the most spectacular way is nothing less than an inspiration in its own! A remote rural area in the midst of Bodhgaya in Bihar, has adopted the miracle of being India’s first ‘Fully Solar Powered Village’. The effort has finally countered the 30 years of darkness that was once faced by the village.

How Solar Power has affected Dharnai!

Situated across one of the major railway halt, Dharnai has always caught the attention of local administrators for major development. The village is also blessed with the best delight of social infrastructure. However, for quite a while now, the only missing amenity in Dharnai was ‘energy’, says Manish Ram (senior campaigner, Renewable Energy, Greenpeace India).

A solar powered street lamp at the entrance of the Dharnai Village
Image Source

Just like any other village out there, the families at Dharnai were also using other hazardous fuels like cow dung, kerosene lamps and firewood for managing the daily chores. In such a situation, Greenpeace, BASIX (promotional institute) and Centre for Environment and Energy Development CEED (the partnering organization) stood forward to transform the essential lifestyle at Dharnai. The onset of electricity in Dharnai through Decentralized Renewable Energy System (DRES) has been the most remarkable transformation.

  • Dharnai today powers 450 homes, 2400 residents and a capacity of 100 Kilowatt. The total energy is used for 50 commercial operations, 60 street lights, schools, healthcare centres and training institutes in Dharnai.
  • Dharnai now follows a battery backup scheme, ensuring 24X7 electricity supplies throughout a day!
  • Dharnai also has few solar powered pumps that ensure the flow of fresh water for farmers.
  • From domestic setup to commercial work, the solar power initiative has completely influenced lives at Dharnai. However, if supported well from the government’s end, the face of Dharnai can still improve to superior heights.

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