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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / India in Pursuit to Happiness- Conquering the World with ‘Digital India’ Initiative

India in Pursuit to Happiness- Conquering the World with ‘Digital India’ Initiative

[su_quote]From Green energy to intra and international connectivity, PM Narendra Modi said and discussed everything that he would have done on an occasion like such! The official meeting that took place during the Digital India and Digital Technology dinner function became a discussion hub in presence of some of the most eminent names from the tech industry. Welcoming on board, PM Narendra Modi shared the space with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, John T Chambers, Executive Chairman of CISCO, Paul J Jacobs, Executive Chairman of Qualcomm and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.[/su_quote]

The first official engagement with the tech giants that came in the form of Digital India and Digital Technology dinner functionwill remain ‘remarkable’ in the notes of history. For PM Modi, it was his second visit to the US (and this time, Silicon Valley to be precise). The prestigious ‘Digital India’ initiative was eventually declared as an absolute ‘Enterprise for Transformation…Unmatched in the course of human history’ by the Prime Minister of India.

During the course of discussion, Mr. Modi expressed the idea of expanding Wifi coverage across the wide range of 500 railway stations in India. The initiative will take place in collaboration with the search engine giant Google. In another announcement, PM Modi declared a $150 Million fund from Qualcomm. It was learned that Qualcomm is planning to power start-ups and cloud services in India offered by Microsoft.


PM Narendra Modi on Digital India:

In a heartfelt speech shared by PM Modi in San Jose, the noble idea of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ was beautifully embedded! ‘Digital India will work as an Enterprise that will lead to the transformation of India. India will grow with a phenomenal scale- it will be something that was never ever witnessed in the history of mankind- it would be ‘unmatchable’. In a country with 800 million impatient youths, nothing else will work better than this. We are waiting for the change and probably, this is the change we are keen for” said PM Modi.

During the function, PM Modi also stressed on the significance of India-US partnership, declaring it as one of the most strategic development in the recent past. He said that California is the last place to witness sunset in the world, however, it is a place where many great ideas are emerged on a routine basis. ‘We see the first light of the day through California’, said PM Modi.

With the Digital World, we can see Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the new neighbors of the world. Continuing his hilarious take, Mr. Modi said that Facebook is the third most populated country- and also the most connected one.


During the opening ceremony, Mr. Narayan applauded the Indian strategy of embracing technology. He added that under the supervision of PM Modi, India will witness the best change and it is quite evident in his actions. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said India is all set to welcome the in-house cloud service operations. Nadella stressed on the urgency of need- declaring ‘now’ as the right time to start with the change.

The market potential of India is immense! The smartphone revolution that the country is currently witnessing might end with the sale of 250 million handsets by the year 2020. Qualcomm’s Jacob stressed on this aspect of growth in India. He further said that about 60 percent of internet traffic is over mobile devices.

Followed by this, Mr. Jacob also announced the funding of $150 million to foster ‘Design in India’ initiative.
Later, PM Modi also met Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and urged him to have a sound look at the manufacturing capacity of India. It was in reference to the latest development of Foxconn establishing its base in India. It is notable that Foxconn is the manufacturing partner of Apple.

India in its pursuit to happiness is growing with compelling thoughts and idea! The conscience of ‘Acceptance of Technology’ will lead us to places- it will lead us to the righteous path of success and global expansion.

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