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Saturday , July 31 2021
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Inventor of World Wide Web Says People Should No to

Facebook’s pet project has always been a matter of controversies. It hasn’t really received a phenomenal acceptance yet and some people are still there trying to figure out what it actually is. Its creators are publicising it by telling people that it will help internet accessibility around the world. However, the inventor of the World Wide Web is warning people to stay “away” from it.


Tim Berners-Lee, the popular English computer scientist who gave the World Wide Web to the world in 1989 was recently speaking at the “Web We Want Festival” in London where he expressed his concern to the people over UK government’s re-attempt of introducing which will simply give law enforcement agencies a whole lot of power to spy on its country’s citizens.

While reasons for concern for most developed countries like USA and UK are related to privacy, for countries like India that are still on a developing path, he said that this project will bring internet accessibility through a trimmed down version of the web. This trimmed out portion will definitely lack security and privacy shields that are given utmost importance in the web. He said users should simply say “no” to any such proposal.

Tim Berners-Lee has always been a pioneering voice in the favour of “Net Neutrality.” According to him, ISPs should cater to people by supplying “connectivity with no strings attached.” Apart from that, they should neither hold the right of controlling nor monitoring their customers’ browsing activity. Net neutrality, according to him, is a human network right and projects like are a threat for it.

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