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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / The iPhone 6S Might not be the Showstopper of Apple’s Upcoming Event

The iPhone 6S Might not be the Showstopper of Apple’s Upcoming Event

It is a well known fact that though iPad gained a lot of popularity and buyers in the beginning, the situation didn’t stay like that forever. Despite iPad Air being a great device, sales of this majestic tablet have slumped drastically and on a continuous rate for many quarters. Most obvious reason is the growing competition in this sphere.

However, one odd yet highly believable reason is that the screen sizes of smartphones have continued to grow bigger. According to Apple, a lot of people refrain from buying an iPad just because the screen size isn’t optimal for them. This fact can be well attributed with sales figures of iPhone 6 Plus who have continued to rise despite the famous ‘bendgate’ scandal related to them. So, basically Apple’s own phones are keeping away people from buying the iPad.

So, in order to fill that gap, it is believed that Apple might launch a super-sized tablet that might clock at 13-inches. Moreover, Apple has seen a huge decline in its presence in terms of Mac in offices and big corporations. Microsoft’s Windows is undoubtedly a popular platform amongst businesses and their last hybrid device, the Surface Pro 3, has also squeezed Apple’s market. In such a situation, a big tablet that can work with a stylus can be a great choice for companies who want something in a big screen size without the power of a PC.

While everybody knows that Apple will launch two new iterations of their iPhones, however, the world somehow is a lot more focussed on this rumoured big tablet and the Apple TV.

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