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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Technology / Is Antivirus Installed In Your Computer?

Is Antivirus Installed In Your Computer?

Virus and worm are malicious programs that are too powerful to be the cause of damage to your computer. These programs are not only harmful for your computer system but also destroy the necessary information stored under it. They tend to damage hard drive and corrupt operating system of your PC. You never know virus can attack computers from many angles.  How these bugs become able to access your computer is no more unsolvable now. Most every often, they got widespread through the emails, file downloads, USB drives, websites and much more. In order to protect your system from getting viruses, you should run pertinent software on your system. These viruses keep on replicating them so as to affect your computer up to the most worst. Once a virus entered your system, it will continuously run toward rapid augmentation.

There are more than thousands of viruses already spread over the internet and new are created every day. Who creates such viruses is a question that immediately strikes your mind after you discover some virus in your system? It’s always better to be on safe side rather than sorry. There are so many hackers or online vendors who are looking forward to attack your system.

Important things you need to keep in mind to protect against virus.


Have anti-virus software installed in your computer

You can install programs like Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG free or avast on your computer. You can also enable the software’s real-time protection feature; it will scan each and every file on your hard drive as the operating system accesses it. If the antivirus program finds an infected file on your system, it will instruct the software to delete it immediately. Run a full system scan every week; most of the anti-virus programs allow you to schedule an automatic scan.

Web Browser

To prevent from malicious websites from installing viruses on your computer, download and install a browser plug-in like Web of Trust, McAfee SiteAdvisor or Norton Safeweb. These plug-ins will always warn you if you’re about to access a website that they consider unreliable. If you’re using Internet Explorer, set the browser’s preferences to prompt you before running ActiveX controls, as these Internet-based programs can contaminate your system with viruses.

Firewall system

What a firewall system can do is it prevents unauthorized computers from accessing your system over the Internet as well as it helps protect your system from exposure to viruses. Enable the built-in Windows 7 firewall on your computer; if you need a more flexible firewall configuration, install a third-party firewall like Comodo Firewall, Kaspersky Internet Security or ESET Smart Security. Many network routers also include built-in firewalls for the secur\ity purpose.


You should always keep your antivirus software and operating system updated with time in order to protect your system. Attacks of New viruses appear and are discovered every day so without regular updates, your system is more susceptible to viruses. In order to check for available operating system updates, open Windows Update and click the Check for Updates button. Set your anti-virus program to automatically download new virus definitions from the developer.

It is equally important to save your computer as its use implies.

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