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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Is it a Buddha Statue on Mars?

Is it a Buddha Statue on Mars?

[su_quote]So you think that the presence of liquid water on the red planet Mars was a big revelation? See this to believe your own eyes!
[/su_quote] buddha

Image and News Courtesy

Give a halt to your thoughts before calling Mars an ‘Alien Land’! If UFO enthusiasts and NASA images are to believe, then Mars has shown some evidence advocating the existence of Buddha statue in the planet. Do you think Mars was once a civilization- that there was life, people, faith and belief in practice?

The Buddha Statue- Complete Insight:

The image that was first released by NASA was discovered by Paranormal Crucible, a YouTube-based channel. The channel that is said to be in love with anything ‘bizarre’ took up the video and promoted the evidence of life in Mars by UFO Sightings Daily. According to Scott C Waring, alien enthusiasts, the evidence in itself is substantial to convince the United Nations that life was once a part of Mars. He blamed NASA for concealing the truth, since there is an unwanted desire to share the information and technology found during the mission. It is notable that it was UFO Sightings Daily that earlier discovered a half bust status of US President Obama on Mars.

While the speculations and doubts about the video are steaming around the corner, it is still not evident that the statue is of Buddha or not! We can clearly see how the Paranormal Crucible has completely discarded the image as one of Lord Buddha.

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