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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Kerala’s Obese Jaguar Refuses to Mate, Delhi Zoo All Set to Send Him Back

Kerala’s Obese Jaguar Refuses to Mate, Delhi Zoo All Set to Send Him Back

It’s a tale of expectations and discontent and then finally disapproval. We aren’t talking about a movie, though the main character in the story is Salman, but it’s not what you are thinking. We are talking about Salman, the jaguar who was brought from Kerala all the way to Delhi so that he could mate with the only female jaguar in the zoo and give the much needed off-springs that could revive the zoo’s dwindling population.

However, Salman completely washed away the expectations of the zoo officials which irked them and they decided to send him back to Kerala. But why Salman couldn’t ring bells in the heart of Kalpana, the lone female jaguar in Delhi zoo? Because he is too fat to have sex!


In return of the sheer disappointment, Delhi Zoo has decided to hurt Salman’s feelings by sending the obese and lazy jaguar to where he came from i.e. Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Garden. Salman, was borrowed on a “breeding loan” last October by the Delhi zoo, however, since then he has showed “complete disinterest” to pair-up with Kalpana. According to the zoo officials, he reached out for his meals more keenly but hardly showed any interest to mate with Kalpana.


The chubby jaguar might soon come back to where he belonged. While Delhi’s zoo officials are quite disappointed by Salman, those back in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Garden would also be pretty much ashamed by their lad’s performance.

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