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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Featured / Life Mysteries: What happens to your Facebook Account after your Death?

Life Mysteries: What happens to your Facebook Account after your Death?

The world where we kick, live and share our space becomes insignificant after the death! Until now, the life and death mysteries have always captivated our attention. [su_quote]We have been wondering about our journey in-between this living world to that of life ‘after death’. But what about the virtual space where we also share a presence? What about your Facebook page? Soon after your death, will your Facebook account function the way it does?[/su_quote]

A few months back, when friends or family would inform Facebook about the death of a person, the social media giant would verify the entire death procedure to ‘memorize’ the account of the decedent. It means the account of the decedent could only be available in the ‘seen’ through mode, without giving the permission to ‘editing’ or ‘managing’ it to anyone in particular. You might have heard about the Zogby Poll that happened few days back! It suggested the concern of 71 percent people over their private communication that by no mean should be deleted or accessed by anyone else. But every year, Facebook receives about thousands of applications requesting the direct access of such account! It is general that the requests are made by friends and families of the decedents, who are look for ways to memorize the everlasting memories of the bygone.


The wait is over! Facebook has finally decided to put rest in all the related doubts and controversies. Lately, Facebook has decided to enroll a Legacy Contact with the person who is willing to access the social account of the decedent. With this change, the willing person will earn the right to access and manage the personal profile of the person who is dead.

The Idea behind the Initiative:

Our life is nothing but a celebration- a celebration that is best weaved with the delight of memories and people! Storing and rather preserving the memories of a ‘life’ (even after it is gone) is the most beautiful thing that we can actually do. Facebook has indeed given us the opportunity to keep our dear ones ‘virtual alive’ with this latest change.

So what are the various clauses in the Facebook Legacy Contact?

Facebook has clearly defined the clauses of signing a Legacy Contact with anyone.

  • First and foremost, the Legacy Contact doesn’t allow a person to edit the ‘already posted’ content of the decedent.
  • Secondly, anything that has been already shared, tagged or written in the wall of the decedent cannot be edited or removed.
  • The new user can write a new post, edit or change a profile picture, and could respond (accept or reject) to the friend request of the users.
  • In case the user wants to download the archive of an old post, he/she has to seek permission from Facebook.
  • There can only be one person who could manage the account of a decedent. By far, Facebook has not approved any backup.
  • Facebook has also followed the strategy of ‘Digital Heir’. In case nobody files a permission to seek the Facebook account of the decedent, the social media site will automatically share the details with the Digital Heir of the decedent. The Heir can also delete the account of the dead person.
  • The first version of the Legacy Contact is limited with these rights. With the revision of the contact, there will be other additions in the future.

Now this is what that will happen after your death! But in case you want to designate an official Heir of your Facebook page, go to the right side of the Facebook page, click on the arrow that is facing downward in the drop down menu, go to security setting and fetch the Legacy Contact.

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Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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