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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Way of Life / Motivation / Lose 100 Calories in 20 Minutes, See How?

Lose 100 Calories in 20 Minutes, See How?

Always thinking of losing weight and doing nothing is common behavior in most of us. Do you know your body is an ambassador of what you think, what you speak, how you carry things, how you charms and much more? So, some people consider their body as the most concerned part of their life. These days women are very conscious for the perfect size of their figure. For this, they can apply every hard and fast rule. Many of us spend our 2 hour in the gym, whereas as some spend time on walking and exercising. Do you think that working out in the gym is the only way to lose weight? Think again. No, this can be too good to reduce weight, but it is absolutely not an only option to cut down your excessive fat. Check out the latest and very effective ways to burn 100 calories in 20 minutes that too without disturbing your house-hold life.

Spend 20 minutes in daily Household work

Every day you need to do mopping the floor, cooking, doing the dishes, doing cleaning of an entire house, dusting etc. These activities can help you lose weight and burn calories more easily. What the best thing brings out here is you cannot make excuse of having a busy schedule and no time to exercise. So, you can add any of the above activities into your daily routine. You can set 20 minutes for mopping and 35 minutes for cooking as well as doing dishes.

Walk the dog for 20 minutes

Pets can really make your home and life lovable. But now, they can also help you remain fit and healthy. If you are taking your dog out for a walk of 20 minutes, then it can help you to burn 100 calories. Therefore, if you have a busy schedule to walk out then enjoy the company of your loving dog and hence reduce some calories.

Start using stairs in place of lift

At about sometimes, you stop opting for lifts and elevators, and start using stairs. This is to be the best way you should adopt for your fitness. Taking stairs when you are going to your office or city mall is an efficient way to burn calories. 20 minutes of walking on stairs are good enough to burn your 100 calories, and it will not consume much of your time.

Dance on your favorite number

You should love dancing on your favorite songs at least 20 minutes a day. There cannot be a better option than shaking your legs to shed down excessive weight. Dancing is an exercise not only for a particular part, but it affects your entire body. You can also add “Zumba” to your dancing to make your dancing more stronger workout. So, 20 minutes of Zumba session can help you stay fit as well as flaunt your moves at some party.

Take out the baby stroller

If you are a housewife and a mother too, then you must be busy with kids and don’t get time to do exercise. Now, it’s time to turn your excuses into the easy solutions. You can take out baby stroller out for 20 minutes. Pushing the stroller will burn your more calories. If your kids are little older then take them to park on a daily basis and try to play with them. This is one of the best ways to get in touch with your kids simultaneously doing exercise.

So, these were easy ways to burn calories that do not shatter your daily routine.

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