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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Productivity / Love Your Self !! A Way to Motivate You

Love Your Self !! A Way to Motivate You

If you cannot love yourself then nobody else would love you. Learn to live with the motivation behind self-love. Why to love those who never care for you. Once you fall in love with you, a huge satisfaction would knock your head for every now and then. Here are some quotes for you that may inspire you to do something good instead of worrying about others. Keeping your pains and emotions aside and lets dig into the ocean of motivation.


We expect others to understand us, love us, and care for us. Do we really know something about us? Try to understand yourself first and then expect from others to understand you.




The most ever going relation is only what you have with you. Try to spend quality time with you. Live your life for you, bring a smile for you.



Your love towards your own self will help you to come out of any obstacle. Your internal powers will boost you to fight for you. Interestingly, you will succeed!!


3 quote


When there is no solution to problems, think for a hope, feel like you are on a tough walk where destination is almost near.



Everyday not simply wake up, in fact wake up to bring something special on every new day.




To get a life long companionship, be your best friend and share, discuss, and talk everything to you.



Be loyal to you, the whole world would turn to you, only if you are a genuine person, not for a few, but for everyone.



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  1. Very inspirational thoughts.

  2. Hello Gurpal

    Very well said …. Very motivational thought

  3. Hi Gurpal,
    Thanks for the kind information. Really like your pics.

  4. Hi,
    Today i found this website from Google plus and like it and its pictures. Hope it will be helpful for all.

  5. Yes its true, If you can’t love yourself then never expect others to love you. I was feeling the same because tired of being alone while my all friends were in relationships but I realized the truth and move on. I started go to movies , restaurant alone and enjoyed the time with myself only. Oh my god I started my own story here.. any ways You have written very well and it will be helpful for many self destructor. I will share your article for those sick people.

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