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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Productivity / Make Amends and Clear Your Conscience

Make Amends and Clear Your Conscience

It is almost certain that there is someone you have done wrong to, harmed, had a big argument with, insulted, let the things get to a point where you are not speaking, lost contact with. You have thought about this person more times than you can count, nevertheless for some reason, you have never make single effort to wipe the slate. You can make amends for satisfying your soul and sleep better at night. The thought that you insulted someone may comeback in your dreams daily. Just bury the past by apologizing for what you have done wrong with people around you. Admit responsibility and heal the situation.

Make amends because today is the day to do it


Pick up your phone, write a letter or send an email to someone you have hurt, or someone you have lost contact with. It does not make any difference whether it is your mistake or theirs that you are no longer in contact. What’s most important is you have taken the first step.

What You Need: Little Humility
Time Invested: 10 Minutes
The Payoff- A Clean Conscience

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