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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Productivity / How to Make Juniors Listen?

How to Make Juniors Listen?

Getting things done from juniors is perhaps an art or the most important aspect that every employer looks for in a candidate at the time of recruitment. Especially, this principle is well proven for senior level jobs and supervisors. Whatever be your job or profession, unless you are performing the routine and mundane task of doing whatever you are told to do, you will be required to get things done from juniors. As a single (even being in higher management) you cannot achieve the goals, therefore the mutual understanding should get attuned in the art of getting things finished on time. Senior persons in a company have to involve juniors in overall strategy of an organization to make a big success.


Here are some effective tips for getting work done from juniors. Moreover, these tips will be helpful in getting your juniors listen to your orders.

Follow an Individualistic Approach:

Always remember that everyone does not have the same way to perform. Some employees need motivation from time to time, whereas many don’t need any push to perform. As a senior person, you have to follow an Individualistic approach. You have to keep in mind that which employee has distinct frame in which he/she performs well. Then, you have to focus on employee’s framework. You should select your team carefully and assign tasks according to the abilities of every person.

Set Realistic Goals

Good approach is to keep follow-up with employees after they have completed their assigned task. This will be helpful in achieving the deadlines. The juniors reporting to you expect a type of behavior that is somehow comfortable and easy for them. You should set only realistic goals for everyone.

Never show over friendly behavior:

Don’t try to be over friendly with your juniors. Some time having a lot of fun and enjoyment with your juniors may affect your position. They will not take you as serious as your position exhibits. Cracking jokes at the time of boredom is fine but don’t be over funny with them. They will take you for granted and will work in a very leisurely way.

Make Rule – Rule

You should always hold a commanding nature (making rules) but with a positive attitude, because this can help you to achieve your duty. Speak less but when you order, be like your words are very precious. There should be a sense of responsibility in your junior’s mind rather than fear of doing tasks on time. They should be apprehensive listeners. Once you have allotted the tasks, do not keep on repeating before the final date. Just ask on or before the closing date.

Be an ideal:

 As a senior person, your attitude, personality, communication, voice pitch and capabilities should be very clear to your team. You must behave efficiently to make sure they are convinced for whatever you ask them to do.  You should always be on time, properly dressed up and moreover an ideal for all. Always keep in mind that juniors learn a lot from their seniors and later on they become good seniors. It is up to you what good qualities you can pass on to them.

However, getting work done from others is not so simple task, but it is not difficult too.


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  1. thanx…i really like your point…definitely, seniors should absorb this knowledge…

  2. Hey Gurpal!

    You have hit the nail (right) on the head by putting a light on this matter as this problem I have seen in most of the companies .. I would like to add one point “Praise your juniors in public and scold them in private” .. In this way, the employee’s get motivated and productivity of companies gradually increase .. I bid you keep up the good work and I hope most of the readers would learn something from this article @@

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