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Saturday , May 15 2021
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write Your Own Success-Script

We all want a very successful career in life. One has many goals to achieve, whether they are related to business, home, kids, or self-improvement. One has to make a mind set for that!!

Having a successful career is the priority of everyone in the workplace—-right from the edgy fresher to senior executive in the big company. Having big dreams is a good thing to rotate through, but the negative environment around us says that everything is impossible to achieve. What most of we do is give up our dreams even before trying to pursue them.


Success is 50 percent inspiration and 50 percent your efforts. If anyone wants to achieve success, then best way to achieve ones goal is learning from the experiences of your role models. You can be successful if you follow some core principals as follow:


Self Believe: Only if you believe in something that you will put into the efforts to make it possible and eventually you can achieve the impossible. If you believe you can’t do it, then you will quit immediately. Start believing in try and more try.


Ignore Criticism: There always would be criticism of your ideas and thoughts. There would be many who will debunk your vision and ask you to forget your dreams. In these situations, you have to withstand and ignore such criticism. However, at the same time it is necessary for you to differentiate the bad criticism from good. It could become the key building block in your success story.


Give No Excuse: The weaknesses of life should never limit your dreams and desires. Every person has reasons that can be used as excuse for not performing well. But this has to be avoided anyhow.



Adaptability:  Always be ready to accept failures and learn from them. After the failure-time, you have to follow some different approach to achieve the same goal. This does not mean you keep on repeating mistakes. If you find that your initial approach is not working, then switch to some new one.


Now is the time: Procrastination can be suicidal for your dreams. Remember always that now is the right time to get about doing what you have to do. Never say like” I hope to do it” “I wish I could do it” as these words erode your way to success.


Make Your Goals Passion: Being passionate about your goals is something really interesting and important. But at the same time doing efforts is also mandatory. Your passion would schlep you to do something new and productive.


If it could be easy to succeed, then efforts never demand tries. Be the one who writes his own success-script.

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