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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / The Making of a Flawless Summer-friendly Skin!

The Making of a Flawless Summer-friendly Skin!

Life, days, and seasons- they CHANGE, not just for us but also for our skin! With summer season around the corner, you must be looking for ways to protect your skin against the harmful effects of sun, dust and sweat. Stay easy and read the following tips for the making of a flawless summer-friendly skin this season- here you go!

Win the battle against sun: Guard your skin with an effective sunscreen lotion when you are planning to face the bare sun. While choosing a sunscreen lotion, check for the SPF (sun protection factor) scale that suits your skin tone. For a typical Indian skin, an SPF of 30 is preferable. Use sunscreen at least 25 to 30 minutes before you are planning to step out- or even use it for the indoor purposes.

Care for the skin tone: Why being careless when you can pamper your skin with cleansing and moisturizing treatments? Summer is said to be the time when all the unwanted acnes can appear on your skin. Use salicylic acid in your regular skin cleansing treatment for avoiding acnes and skin breakouts. Care for the dry skin: Dead skin cells and old worn-out skin can be harmful- treat them with the methods of cosmetology. You can use scrubbing as a routine for removing dry skin from elbow and knees. Use it at least twice or thrice in a week’s
time and avoid the accumulation of dead tissues in your skin. Looking for some natural ways of removing dead skin? Scrub lemon with sugar in the affected area and see the results!

Care for the scalp: Avoid any kind of styling or overuse of chemicals during summer time. The reason being simple- overuse of chemical can make your scalp moisture-free and hairs shine-less! Rather, use some gentle hair conditioner and shampoo that controls the moisture level in your hair scalp. Go for gentle hair massage and apply coconut, castor and olive oil for regular nourishing.

Care for the feet:While your feet prefer to stay warm during winters, summer is the time when they should ‘breathe’ in the open air! Use light weighted open scandals during summers and avoid the possibility of sunburns with the use of sunscreen moisturizer. Gift them the occasional treat of pedicure!

Care what you eat: Drink a lot of water, switch to fresh seasonal fruits, keep your body fresh with cool drinks and eat light and healthy. Keep your skin hydrated with the help of green salad and vegetable- avoid oily food. Include spinach, lemon, watermelons, oranges, cherries, lychee, and plums in your daily diet.

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