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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Fashion / Health & Fitness / Man Vomits 2 Feet Bandage after a Sinusitis Surgery

Man Vomits 2 Feet Bandage after a Sinusitis Surgery

We have all come across medical accidents where the patients suffer due to the negligence of the doctors or the concerned authorities. A recent incident has been circulating on the internet and is sparking outrage while raising eyebrows of many. IN this case, a man was suffering from some sort of respiratory problem for which he went for a sinusitis surgery at a good private hospital. The surgery went fine, however, he later realised that the doctors left almost a two feet long piece of bandage inside him which he vomited five days after the surgery.

Sadokpam Somorjit who is 42-years old got admitted at Imphal Hospital in the famous city of Manipur in India on September 3. After getting a thorough check-up, he was advised by the doctor to get a surgery “immediately.” Somorjit received the surgical help next day. However, his flight was far from over. Following the surgery, he puked more than half a litre of blood. When his family members raised this matter to the nurse and doctor, they received an utter shock since they started getting blamed for stirring mob culture.
Somorjit suffered hysterical nose bleeding in the following days after which he was admitted in an hospital and then later discharged after the treatment following which he vomited the bandage. When the family complained about this to Imphal Hospital, the authorities told them that the doctor might have “forgotten” about it. Somorjit, and his family, have now took the matters in their hands and have decided to appeal to the respected authorities for taking action against the hospital.

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