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Monday , June 21 2021
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Marketing tools for Social media Marketing

There is absolutely no way to doubt this fact that world has been taken over by Social media. Not integrating social media into your business is like using pigeons to communicate your business to people. Things always change in business! In fact the only thing constant in business is change and this time modern business has changed dramatically.

People are marketing their business since a very long time but making use same old strategies have made things outdated. Top strategy consultants always tell you to be consistent and updated with your strategies. This leaves you in conundrum. What you actually need to do is to enhance your Social media marketing by constantly using new techniques. Here are some tools that help you to engage in Social Business efficiently:


  • Tweet deck: This is a social media application for managing twitter and Facebook accounts. This helps you to invest your time and money in consistent engagement by connecting you with all your contacts across Twitter. This acts as your personal for staying in touch with what is happening now. By this you can control and respond on multiple social media on one screen.                                                            
  • Hootsuite: Managing your business on different social media platforms can be confusing and overwhelming for you. Hootsuite helps you to view all your social media counts on one screen and check all the updates. The difference between Tweet deck and Hootsuite is that the former is an application that user downloads and installs, but Hootsuite is web-based. That is why Hootsuite is a bit slow than Twee Deck.


  • Cyfe:  This is all in one dashboard for businesses. This helps you to keep a check and analyze your data scattered on all the online services like Word Press, Facebook, Amazon, Google Analytics etc. This is a simple drag and drop dashboard that connects you to all the online services you use.


  • Buffer: This is an easy App that can make sharing your content on Twitter way too easy. You just have to fill up your buffer at one time in a day and it automatically shares it for you all through the day. This is not only true for content but also true for every kind of updates including your tweets. It stacks your work and publishes it throughout the day.


  • ExploreB2B: It is a content based platform where business professional are free to publish their ideas, find partners and to make business collaborations. Anyone can have access to this platform but this is mainly made for people involved in b2b marketing.


  • Crowdbooster: This is a tool that allows you to access how effective your posts and tweets are? How well they are working for your business. You have analytical graphs by which you can analyze your performance of your social media tweets and posts. You just need to register and get started with this tool and all your accounts will be imported to the crowdbooster dashboard. If you have millions of Facebook and twitter fans and updates, it might take a few minutes to load because of being web-based.


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