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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Meet The Lady Who Lent Her Voice to iPhone’s Personal Assistant – Siri

Meet The Lady Who Lent Her Voice to iPhone’s Personal Assistant – Siri

Siri, Apple’s ‘intelligent personal assistant’ has a pretty attractive and distinctive voice. The program is built to adapt to your needs and conditions based on the searches you make and the language you speak. It can answer probably all sorts of questions and perform variety of actions and handle delicate requests. People have always attributed Siri as a voice without a face until a few years ago when 65-year-old New Yorkerer Susan Bennett was discovered who is the voice behind American iPhone’s Siri.


What’s interesting is that Susan had no idea that her voice was being used as a program. That’s because a software company, ScanSoft was looking for a person be their database project voice that involved speech construction in 2005. They, therefore, reached out to GM Voices, however the scheduled voice-over artist remained absent as a result of which they had to go with Susan.

After she was picked for this untitled project, Susan spent an entire month of July in 2005 recording various phrases and sentences which then were concatenated or joined by character into various forms of words, sentences and paragraphs which were then used in the Siri. Susan remained unaware of this until October 2011 when a friend told her about this. Though Apple did not acknowledge Susan Bennett’s as the voice of Siri, public interest was irked to such an extent that popular news channel CNN hired an audio-forensics expert who later confirmed that Susan was Siri’s voice.

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