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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Celebrities / Meet Tsuneko Sasamoto, World’s Oldest Photographer

Meet Tsuneko Sasamoto, World’s Oldest Photographer

Tsuneko Sasamoto is a popular name in far-east side of the world. She is a renowned Japanese photographer who was also Japan’s first lady photojournalist. She played a significant role in documenting Japan during the pre- and post-war period. She became a professional photographer at 25 years of age and started working on the serious subjects of war, survival and rise.


However, that’s not the only thing which sets Sasamoto apart from everyone else. What’s more surprising about her is that she has the distinction of being the oldest photographer on Earth as she just celebrated her 101th birthday in September and she is still clicking photos.


Sasamoto has spent 70-years of her life as a photojournalist. Her career, however, came to a halt when she broke her left hand and both legs last year. It left Sasamoto immobile for months to come but her passion to shoot was still rock strong. She is also going to a rehab to gain strength. According to her, one should never become lazy and should always stay positive about his/her life. She also adds that people should learn to push themselves while staying aware so that they can move ahead in life.

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