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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Entertainment / Men Never Recover from a Past Breakup, Says Study on Post Relationship Grief (PRG)

Men Never Recover from a Past Breakup, Says Study on Post Relationship Grief (PRG)

That ugly Monday came with the ‘last day of love’ for them! He was angry, and she was rude. He wanted to say a few things, but she was not ready to listen. She wanted him to apologize, but his ego was bridging the gap. And finally, they called it off. Bidding farewell to the feeling of love was easy than the melting of hearts!

devdas-devdas-35564796-650-400 (1)
The gamble of pretensions is not easy- it is hard to conceal your feeling, no matter what the gender is! But if studies are to believe, then men in comparison to women take a bit longer to cope well with their past relationships and feelings. While women are an active reactor, men are likely to be more passive in presenting their actual feelings. The behavioral finding that came through the ‘Quantitative Sex Differences in Response to the Dissolution of a Romantic Relationship’ study has gathered data from 5,705 participants.

Women may experience an immediate ‘sense of distress’ after the breakup but men realize the loss slowly:

imm 1
Her story of love is a bit different than yours! It is said that women display early signs of distress and displeasure after the love breakup. However, they don’t take long to grumble the lost. The situation to overcome the feelings is quick and intelligent in comparison to men. Slow reaction and late realization is his tale of love lost!

Men are more scared to fall in love again:

img 2
Learning from the past mistakes, understanding the shortcomings and overcoming the wrongdoings is not easy for men. While women are more logical in adjusting their love feeling with time, men take it longer to cope well with the concept of love again. Falling in love is not as easy for him!

Since Women are often choosy, Men take long to find the right partner:

pic 3(1)
As women grow more choosy and logical after a breakup, it gives them the power to make smarter decisions. In comparison to this, men are said to be more confused and passive in understanding their own choice.

Men are traumatized, and women are more ‘energetic’ after breakups:

img 4
May be, it is just the difference in opinion! They say you see the ‘grass greener on the opposite side of the fence’.

The decision of ‘getting married’ is way more difficult for men:

A Hard truth to digest! You have to learn to ‘move on’ with a blast.

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