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Thursday , June 24 2021
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Men vs. Women Emotions ….

Women always claim to be better than men, whether in her professional life or house-hold conflicts. We agree that she has groomed more than we imagined but it is not acceptable when she say men are heartless, they have no emotions!! Men do have emotions but their way of expressing thoughts is slightly different than women. Why do women hold such opinion, even being in relationships with men? Why her expectations from a man can never be satisfied?




Here are some facts about the behavior of men and women in terms of their emotions.


Women are more sensitive than men, everybody knows this. Not even a politician can argue and deny this fact. They are more likely to show their sensitive traits than men. Their thoughts are always up whereas men are very strong. They do not show their sensitive behavior, and moreover they believe and respond to things which exist as a matter of concern.


Women love to have sympathy from others. She will never sweep away negative opinions, in fact, she will argue upon them. On the other hand men have least drift to get sympathy from others. That is why they are known as emotionless. Women are more vocal and expressive of their emotions as compared to men.


Men do have emotions and feelings but they do not express. This is their default characteristic that women cannot change. She wants his opinions, suggestions, and involvement. But, in the end she will do whatever she wants to do. Men ignore to get participate in arguments but she always wants to convince him for “I am right, I was right, and I will be right”.




The way women think, react, and communicate is little unrealistic. She will always think of a woman prospective instead of being practical. Men are men and they think like how things go practically. Sometimes mismatch in their opinions becomes the reason for fight or argument in them. At the end of an argument, she wants a conclusion that gratifies her.


Women are so sensitive to hide their emotions and it becomes difficult to control her in teary situations. Usually men are less sensitive to shed down tears. Being emotional is not about tearing but it is about your power to tackle the situation. Women become so emotional to take sound decisions in life, simultaneously; men cover up every challenging chapter with determination and courage. Women think by their heart, on the opposite end, men think by their mind. Men have the power to rule their emotions whereas women have no manage over emotional powers.

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