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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Gadgets / Microsoft Launches the First Ever Laptop ‘The Surface Book’, along with 3 Lumia Smartphones and Updated Wearable Band 2

Microsoft Launches the First Ever Laptop ‘The Surface Book’, along with 3 Lumia Smartphones and Updated Wearable Band 2

Marking the onset of its first ever laptop range, Microsoft is ready to challenge the competitive world of computer technology. With Lenovo, Apple MacBook, Dell and HP already dominating half of the market, the arrival of ‘The Surface Book’ has raised many stern questions. Is Microsoft preparing a series of a platform for boosting the usage of Window 10? Is Microsoft planning to challenge the take of MacBook and Lenovo in the market? Why is the pricing of ‘The Surface Book’ as high as a MacBook?


With the series of announcements related to the latest release, Microsoft is yet again on the news with the launch of its first ever laptop ‘Surface Book’. A ‘not-so-surface’ looking laptop released by Microsoft is a digital beauty with 13.5 inch display, glass trackpad, backlit keyboard, and magnesium body. Apart from this, the series of fresh launch also presented a line of Lumia Smartphones, a new Surface Pro tablet and an all new updated version of fitness tracker wearable. It is notable that all of them are running on Window 10 as an operating system.


Microsoft also unveiled the exciting range of three new Smartphones during the event held in New York. The Lumia Smartphone series comprised of Lumia 950, 950 XL and Lumia 550. While Lumia 950 and 950 XL will range around $ 549 and $649 respectively, Lumia 550 will be anything in between $137 to $139. The Smartphone devices will go on sale from November (Lumia 550 will be available only in December).

Everything you need to know about the New ‘Surface Book’


What’s New with the Surface Book?


Surface Book comes with a detachable screen! Microsoft declared Surface Book as the fastest 13-inch laptop even released on the market.

Specification and features:

  • Processor:  The Latest Generation of Intel Core Processor with a Nvidia GPU.
  • Memory: GDDR5
  • Battery Back Up: Up to 12 Hours.
  • Display: 13.5 inch couple with a good pixel density of 267 ppi.
  • Screen Specifications: 7.7 mm in thickness and 1.6 pounds in weight.

Price Range:

The starting range of Surface Book is $ 1,499 for 128 GB 6th Generation Intel Core i5.

The price increases to $ 1,699 for 256 GB device.

In case you want to power the device with NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Processor, then the price range will rise to $ 1,899.

Same specification with an Intel Core i7 will cost around $2.099.

Finally, the last price of $ 2,699 for 512 GB 6th Generation Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM.


Market Release Date:


October 26, 2015.

Preorders start from October 7, 2015.

Lumia Smartphones and Specifications:





Lumia 950


Lumia 950 XL


Lumia 550



5.2 inch 5.7 inch Not specified
Processor Hexacore Processor Octacore Chip Not specified
Price Range $549 $649 $139
Release Date November November December
Specifications: 20 megapixel rear camera, about 32 GB storage, 4k video setup and use of liquid cooling technology. 20 megapixel rear camera, about 32 GB storage, 4k video setup and use of liquid cooling technology. Not specified
What’s new with the Smartphone and Tablets? Comes with Windows Hello- an automatic biometric sign up solution released by Microsoft earlier this year.

Face scan feature, iris and fingerprint verification for identity related security set up.

Introduction of Surface pen that comes with a fantastic 1,024 pressure points in five different colors and changeable pen tips.

Microsoft Band 2 Update: The all new update of Microsoft Band 2 allows a user to monitor the fitness and exercise regime. Comes with a curved display, uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and barometer sensor.

Starts with a range of $249.

Release date: October 30.


Bubblespan Insight:

It seems that with the release of its first ever laptop, Microsoft is not really trying to dominate the iPad or Android tablet market. It is directly competing with the big Laptop brands like MacBook, Lenovo, HP, and so on. As per Microsoft, they are launching the fastest 13 inch laptop that comes with a discrete GPU. Striking high on the parameters of performance, Surface Book is a graphical bliss.

What we particularly liked about the Device!

It is impressive to have a powerful device with 12 hours battery backup, detachable screen and a 13-inch display. The detachable feature that comes with touch functionality in Surface Book ensures several advantages, and promises the fair performance of the device. What better than having a convertible laptop in today’s time?

What makes us Skeptical?

Before buying the device, we really need to settle the queries related to OEM ecosystem, that how it will cope with the new device! Microsoft is directly alienating the partners from the Surface Book. This may lead to a ‘displease’ figure in sales. Above all, Surface Book is not a cheap option- it is rather an expensive device directly competing with much established brands like MacBook and Lenovo.

We appreciate the ‘Risk taking’ attitude:

“The Appearance of Safety brings the biggest Defeat in Reality”! Microsoft is indeed a ‘risk-taker’ to take a big chance of launching an all new range of laptops. May be the plan is to launch a foundational flagship for Window 10, declaring all the advantages and benefits of using the operating system. It is a certain inspiration that even OEMs will accept for sure!

Right after the launch of Window 10 in July, Microsoft is trying hard to earn the biggest market share for tablets, Smartphones and other related devices. Currently, Apple and Samsung are dominating the market. Declaring the laptop as ‘twice’ as faster to MacBook is the biggest claim that Microsoft has ever made!

As long as the buyers will have a good variety of options in the market, the will remain happy and satisfied. Thanks to Microsoft for understanding our diverse digital needs!

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