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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Microsoft’s Anechoic Chamber Sets Guinness Record of Being the Quietest Place

Microsoft’s Anechoic Chamber Sets Guinness Record of Being the Quietest Place

Libraries are generally the most common quiet places. A well-insulated basement might be a little more sound proof than a library, however, of all the places in the world, Microsoft’s anechoic chamber in their audio lab is the quietest and the company just received a Guinness award for that. The chamber that’s present in Building 87 of Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington campus was verified by Guinness recently which stated that the chamber has audio levels at a whopping -20.3 decibels.

This record is amazingly close to the actual limit of how quieter things on our planet can be which is -23 decibels. It’s the amount of noise which is made by air molecules when they bounce-off one another. The previous world record was of -13 decibels which was set at Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis.
Anechoic chambers happen to be lined with a wedge-shaped sound absorbing material which tends to take any kind of vibration in the air and so as to dampen it. In case of Microsoft’s anechoic chamber, the whole room is built in a way so that it stays separated from the remaining building because of which things like footsteps and other sort of vibrations don’t happen to leak in. As a result, the room seems to be quiet and sometimes eerie and unnatural because of so much silence.

Microsoft hasn’t built this chamber just to set a record. These chambers are used to test equipments for noise levels and to provide an environment that it perfectly silent for training voice recognition and other things.

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